Monday, February 25, 2013

Still Around!

First, like usual, let me apologize for a lack of updates.  My spare time has been used towards Star Fleet Battles and Federation and Empire recently, where I've been making various utilities for that system instead of Battletetech.

Anyway, we have some new products!  Woot!  First is Jihad Turning Points Hesperus.  Not a big review needs to be made for this, its another JTP product.  If you like one, you'll like em all.  It contains a new Galahad and Sturmfeur variant.

Next, we have a map pack.  I recommend buying the expensive (hehe) flatlands terrain set at like $5.99, if you want any maps.  They are the maps we are used to, and though they seem to be redone, they also seem identical to the originals from so many years ago.  The hex is an overlay in the PDF so you could probably extract the maps without hexes, which would be pretty neato.

Next, the Record Sheets 3075 Cutting Edge/Age of War.  I screwed up with this one.  I was emailed the update and downloaded the updated version, but never looked at it.  Then they released the 2 new versions and I purchased them as well.  I ended up with basically 2 copies of the same thing, in PDF, so gave one away.  There are 533 record sheets in there, and no, I have not yet updated my database with them yet.  It is on my todo list though, as well as the update to the site which has not been forgotten.

And finally, we have the Historical Liberation of Terra II.  If you liked the first one, you'll like the second.  It has a LOT of text, and I'm sure its a great product, but I just haven't read it yet.  I was very frustrated to not see a list of the divisions and their quality, nor specific units that joined various houses/comstar.  Its possible the latter is in the text though.  Page 114 has a list of strengths, including warships, during the battles that mauled the star league.  Hopefully there will be a SLDF 2765 book that has the detail I wanted.  I'd love to see an actual breakdown by regiment (at least quality/type/name) but at this point it'd be nice to just see the divisional information.

Herb Beas over at CGL hates Texas, according to the latest battlechat, and being Texan yet having lived in NY, CA, GA, and Germany, I can't see why.  Maybe he hates the summers, or has a problem buying a new 2000 square foot home for under $200K, or perhaps the native Texan people who are inexplicably nicer than most folk annoy him, or maybe he loves our great economy and plentiful jobs.  Since he isn't here to defend himself, and I can make wild assumptions, I'll just think he hates the state as he had a traumatic childhood experience with a cow that he can't discuss openly.

Oh, and I logged in this morning and saw the LAM Kickstarter was not only over $25,100, but over $30K.  This means I get the 9 LAMs, PLUS a trio of miniatures for the Wasp *and* stinger.  I hope it gets to at least $35K,  so I can get a trio of Phoenix Hawks too, but with 15 mechs at $255 the price dropped to a more reasonable $17 per miniature.  Not sure why I bought any, I figure the chance of me actually playing BT at a tabletop again are slim to none, but I liked the designs.

I probably won't get back into battletech until my current Federation and Empire game is complete, and that may be a year from now :(  We'll see though.