Thursday, January 26, 2017

Its a new year!

Ok, quick 2017 update.  TLDR version:

  • I'm still alive
  • I am still into games
  • I am still healthy (minor scare with a kidney stone surgery, all good now)
  • I am still keeping up with battletech (the field manual beta thing was great)
  • I have done zero work on battletech since the last update.

The reasons I haven't touched battletech are:
  • I feel the community doesn't care about what I have to offer
  • I can't get my questions about rules answered
  • I am not playing anymore
 Over 100K views on this blog though.  On top of that, there have been over 5000 units from the database viewed (many with bugs, I know).  So apparently some people still occasionally use the site.

So, tell ya what.  Since I am not one to let folks down, and honestly I have a ton of time for hobbies that I am simply choosing to spend on OTHER things, I have a proposal.

If I can get $1000 donated to my bad_syntax at paypal account, I will start working on Battletech again, and will stick to it as I'll feel obligated because people gave me money.

Oh, and the money?  100% of it will be donated to the ASPCA, I won't keep a single dime (even if $1k isn't reached).  I'll post updates on here as to the amount if it gets to a significant number.  That isn't the point of this.  I just want to see if there is enough interest left in me bothering trying to write the designer, and anything else for a while.

Note:  I have estimated that development time and resources for such a project (and I do often do projects like this at work) would be at least $300K, so .3% of that is a deal :)

Drink water, and till next time!

Bad Syntax