Sunday, November 30, 2014


Well over the past couple weeks I've redone all of my record sheet generation.  I got rid of the PDF generation, and went to PNG.  This was mostly due to the excessive overhead of creating PDF's the way I was.  I found a new library which was faster, but after implementing everything I did that library ended up being slow as well.  So, I went back to PNG's.  Aside from superheavy vehicles, buildings/mobile structures, and infantry platoons, I have created the code to generate ALL the other record sheets.  This includes protomechs, warships, dropships, battle armor, even airships!  Well, I think there are a couple things missing in there like satellites, space stations, and 2 turret tanks.  I will try to finish the last few before I update the website (so yeah, you are still stuck with PDFs right now).

I fixed a few bugs on the record sheets as well, like some internal structure not being correct.  I still want to add a few more things as well, like showing the armor/structure type *by location* to support frankenmechs and patchwork armor, but these are pretty easy to knock out.

The next website update will be HUGE.  I will be redoing all the TRO like pages, making them more like what you see in the TRO's.  I'll change the colors when I do so you'll know its been updated (it'll probably be black on white instead of the gray background that is there now).

I also inputted all the new units from the RS IndustrialMechs and the other new books that came out recently.

I also got my 16 boxes of Robotech RPG Tactics, oh boy, that is a LOT of models!!!

Catalyst released a playtest of the "Abstract Combat System".  I really wanted to love this, but can't :(  The system "map" is too small, the planet map WAY too small, the amount of record keeping too large, and the "mini-game" just doesn't seem very fun to me :(  Oh well, hopefully we'll see something better soon.

I think I had more to say, but this was a quick update to just let ya'll know I am indeed still playing with Battletech stuff.  I'll try to do a much better update when I finish the site updates and push them out over the next few weeks.