Sunday, November 30, 2014


Well over the past couple weeks I've redone all of my record sheet generation.  I got rid of the PDF generation, and went to PNG.  This was mostly due to the excessive overhead of creating PDF's the way I was.  I found a new library which was faster, but after implementing everything I did that library ended up being slow as well.  So, I went back to PNG's.  Aside from superheavy vehicles, buildings/mobile structures, and infantry platoons, I have created the code to generate ALL the other record sheets.  This includes protomechs, warships, dropships, battle armor, even airships!  Well, I think there are a couple things missing in there like satellites, space stations, and 2 turret tanks.  I will try to finish the last few before I update the website (so yeah, you are still stuck with PDFs right now).

I fixed a few bugs on the record sheets as well, like some internal structure not being correct.  I still want to add a few more things as well, like showing the armor/structure type *by location* to support frankenmechs and patchwork armor, but these are pretty easy to knock out.

The next website update will be HUGE.  I will be redoing all the TRO like pages, making them more like what you see in the TRO's.  I'll change the colors when I do so you'll know its been updated (it'll probably be black on white instead of the gray background that is there now).

I also inputted all the new units from the RS IndustrialMechs and the other new books that came out recently.

I also got my 16 boxes of Robotech RPG Tactics, oh boy, that is a LOT of models!!!

Catalyst released a playtest of the "Abstract Combat System".  I really wanted to love this, but can't :(  The system "map" is too small, the planet map WAY too small, the amount of record keeping too large, and the "mini-game" just doesn't seem very fun to me :(  Oh well, hopefully we'll see something better soon.

I think I had more to say, but this was a quick update to just let ya'll know I am indeed still playing with Battletech stuff.  I'll try to do a much better update when I finish the site updates and push them out over the next few weeks.


  1. 16 boxes of robotech!.. awesome!.. I got one and that is a crap ton of mechs!

  2. You certainly don't do things by half.

  3. Regarding PDF or PNG...., the later is just fine. Do some IT myself
    so you gotta do what you gotta do to keep things going. Thanks for
    posting a sheet for the Mad Cat III by the way. Yeah,,,,mechs kinda
    a turkey in some ways but....Battletech love is blind sometimes 8-)