Saturday, June 22, 2013

Progress < 0

Just to let ya'll know, I haven't forgotten to put everything up, just been busy with stuff.  My dad killed himself a week before father's day (over his wife, though alcohol and prescription drugs were involved), and my mental capacity to focus on, well, anything has been pretty pathetic.  However, I did update the BTE site with the 4 new 3145 TRO's, so as of today, they are 100% updated, including fluff data and images.  Even though I won't be doing BT stuff for a while (alpha strike and/or IO *may* change that) I will be keeping the database updated.  I spent too much time on it to let it fall behind.  If you see any broken PDFs or stupid quick strike sheets let me know, 6000 is just too many to check manually :)

I blew $3200 on the Robotech Kickstarter, and am now anxiously awaiting the miniatures.  The Palladium game sucks so horribly though, not sure how any game they make from their RPG could do anything else.  But at least I got the miniatures coming finally! 

In other news:
- I started converting the 5th Frontier War to PC.  Got quite a bit done in 1-2 days, then got unmotivated again.  It was a prototype for some interfaces for my eventual full scale strategic game.
- Lots of work making robotech tactics cards, but nothing final yet.  Feel free to look at them at  Also made a character generator at
- Got RemoteFX working on my server, allowing me a Hyper-V windows 7 installation that I can RDP to and play games on.  Pretty cool, not great, but pretty cool.
- Lots of issues with my car, but its still cheaper to fix an old one than buy a new one... by a lot.
- Spent too much on various kickstarter projects and games.

Anyway, I'll eventually get focused again... eventually.

When Alpha Strike comes out, I may go tweak my quick strike cards to support any changes they made to the system.  I will however continue to use computers to determine best factors in each range band, instead of the stupid method they use now which unbalances some units quite a bit.

I still check the forums occasionally, but I come across threads like this and I'm like "why the hell did I write the best infantry platoon designer out there, if nobody uses/remembers it?!?!?!"... then I remember that was a good reason for my interest waning in the first place.

Oh well, enjoy your summers.