Friday, August 2, 2019

Some Updates, New Card Maker Released!

Been a while, haven't been into Battletech much.  However I got a new server, moved the site over, and in so doing made a LOT of updates.  However, I am still making a LOT of updates so expect errors still.  I also need to update the database with recent new units.

Anyway, first thing is somebody asked, and I delivered, a new version of the card maker! (Note, this is v1.31 that fixes LAM/Jump if you are using hexes vs inches)

Next, a big chunk of why I am getting back into Battletech is the new Clan Invasion kickstarter!

I'm backed at the Full Kerensky level, though since all it appears to be now is gaming with a bunch of people that don't like me, I will probably downgrade my pledge unless they make it better somehow.

Also, MORE good news.  The ONE thing preventing me from going forward with my real time battletech game was a decent 2D graphics engine I could use.  Waaay back when I started I used DirectX, and while it still worked, all support for it was deprecated and it just way out of date.

So, once I finish updating my site so everything works (its back end systems will also be what i use in my game, so its a dependency), and finish my database update, my next project should be my real time battletech game.  By real time I mean 10 seconds in game = 1 turn = 10 seconds real life.  If your match took 5 minutes of game time to play on the tabletop (30 turns), it will last 5 minutes in this game.  At first it'll be solaris style battles, 1v1, hopefully up to 256v256, but even 12v12 is great.  If the game takes off, surely I can find a better programmer than myself to create the network code.