Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I post on the classicbattletech forums a lot, and I'm kind of getting sick of all the trolls on there.  Just making a comment in a thread like "I am not posting anymore" is just childish, then to follow it up later with "I'm still not posting here" without any intervening messages is, well, pathetic and the very definition of troll.  Heck, some are even moderators!

I have actually seen a lot of very childish postings on there, which is weird as I thought most CBT players were in their late 20s to mid 40s (I'm 38 myself).  It is really starting to make me wonder why I give a crap about the community at all when so many are such babies and so few good communicators without an ego.  

It is like people don't understand if a thread goes where you don't want to follow, you STOP reading the thread, its simple, couldn't be any easier, yet somehow they just can't do that, and these people with well over 1000 posts since the forum has been back up, well, get out more, sheesh.

I wish I was a bit more creative so I could just write up my own game universe and system that was similar in many ways to BT :(

/end rant

As for other news, the answers to my infantry questions finally got answered on the forums, thanks Joel!  Now I gotta go back into the infantry builder and fix it all.  I may end up rewriting the interface too, I'm extremely unhappy with it, but interfaces are not my strong suite :(


  1. I think that the CBT forum has the problem of being an officially sanctioned website, and therefore attracts those that think official means more important. If my hypothesis is right, then anybody who is challenging to the ofiicial order will be seen as problematical, which is not helped by the oficial order's rules on appropriate behaviour etc. i.e. the framework encourages conformance and obedience or you will be ostracised.

    Me, I take a step back and try to be just polite, but stick to my guns.

  2. I have seen what you mean. I use a rule of thumb - over a certain quantity, the more posts a given member has per day, the less credibility I give them. They don't get out enough and being little or nothing to the discussion, whatever it might be.

    One of those fellows has been on the board for exactly a month and nine days. He currently has over a thousand posts to his credit. That's forty posts a day. You think I take what he says seriously? Heck no!

  3. Excellent point ya'll, ya'll both make very valid points. I probably just need to stop posting there anyway, at least as replies to others, and stick to posting various statistics and questions I may have.

    Thanks for reading,
    Bad Syntax