Sunday, April 24, 2011

BT Ranges

I forgot to mention this, but I've been thinking lately about how BT plays and think I may have found an extremely easy way to make the game more "realistic" and play more like a wargame, and less like, well, an MMA tournament.

Next game you play, try multiplying all weapon ranges by 4 to 6.  Just the ranges, movement is no different, terrain still modifies to hit in the same way, but your AC/20 now has a range of 12/24/36.  The net effect of this change is making the battles less likely to turn into a wrestling match, where the battle lines are totally intertwined, and making it more realistic in that the forces have 2 sides of the battlefield.  If you want to flank, you have to do it not in 1 turn because you won initiative, but as a multi-turn maneuver.  This would reduce the effect of winning initiative, and increase the usefulness of units based on their ranges.  For example now LRMs can fire 80" or more, easily across most map boards.  You still need to see your target, but it can make them more effective.  I'm not sure how BV would affect this, but I'd be interested to hear any experiences you had trying this.  Also, multiplying ranges x4 with 1/300 miniatures would actually be "real scale" based on the minis :)


  1. Interesting and I'm doing something similar next time we play, but while I will be multiplying the ranges by four (for the same reasons you have chosen) I will be modifying the movement rules as well. Again with the intention of creating a faster play game with more focus on fire and manoeuvre rather than counting hexes and angsting over what weapons to fire for the range bracket.

  2. I've always had some beef w/ the way many games turn into melee fights. I think I'll give this a try! The game should be shootier, and it gives large maps and maneuver a lot more meaning.