Sunday, July 24, 2011


I went through all my BT miniatures today, and came to the conclusion I have far too many.  In fact, since its been >10 years since I really enjoyed a game, I would consider any serious offer to take the ENTIRE LOT off my hands, not in pieces, but the WHOLE thing.  Oh, and I still want to inventory my B5 GROPOS/Ships, a bunch of 40K Epic stuff, most of my Tyranids, my Heavy Gear miniatures, and lots more.  I'll try to get the rest inventoried soon.

Here is what I got:

351 Possible Fake Mechs (all but about 20 look *very* good if they are fake).  I say possibly as I bought them online, and can't be 100% sure of their legality.
544 Real Metal Mechs (MANY unseen)
286 Real Plastic Mechs
96 Turrets from various vehicles for defenses
525 Vehicles (20 Wet Navy, 6 VTOL)
43 ProtoMechs
833 Battle Armor
275 Infantry
64 Warships
101 Various Dropships
25 Small Scale Aerospace Fighters (Clan)
3 Full Sized Aerospace Fighters

That is a grand total of  10 Regiments of mechs (almost 1 of LAMs), over 4 regiments of armor, over 9 regiments of Battle Armor, 3 regiments of infantry, and enough of a Navy to land them anywhere.  About 150 mechs are *really* well painted, all the rest are stripped, primed, or never painted and many are still not assembled.

Not sure what I would want yet, but it'd be in the high thousands, and would most likely require a pickup, as mailing it would be annoying.

As for other stuff, I've wrote about 80% of a program to randomly generate an entire star system, with full details for every planet/moon.  I still have a bit to do when it comes to orbit periods for moons and quite a few planet based algorithms, but its coming along VERY nicely, and I'll port it to a webpage when I'm done which would take all of a few minutes (thank you MSFT and .NET!)

I'm also trying to finish up a list of every planet on any BT map ever printed, and allowing you to pick any month and render a map instantly of who owns what that month.  I had to enter over 40K names in excel, and now have to go through the 500 or so systems that aren't on the 3075 map to get their coordinates (I did the 3075 map a while back for my Cartographer app).

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