Friday, September 7, 2012

Another TRO 3063 Update

Well a few more changes, and enough complaining that I made the center torso criticals like "canon", and stopped putting all engine crits first.  Though the chances are identical, some just couldn't grasp it, and it was an easy code change.  Also could be some other updated files.  All those text files are ugly debug like code I use to determine if my BV, Cost, Availability, etc calculations are correct.  If you see an error take a look, let em know what you think it is, and I'll go fix it asap.

Still working on the Steel Legion unit designer, between work, my crazy biker dad being hunted by the Amigo's (like the Banditos, but less "nice"), plus playing SFB's Federation and Empire over cyberboard development hasn't gone too fast.  Soon as I finish the Strike Legion editor I'll get to updating the encyclopedia though, and will have things like warships and dropships done very soon after, then onto the whole logging in thing and generating force lists.

If ya'll could chime and let me know whatcha think of my mech/vehicle/fighter record sheets I'd appreciate any input, good or bad.

Here is the latest TRO 3063 link.

Oh, I have also been playing around with some web chat software.  This would allow you to log on with somebody else, roll dice, get various table results, etc.  However my ajax experience sucks, and I'm having a hard time using other people's code and adding in functions like /roll 1d6.  It seems simple, but I haven't gotten a good solution yet.... 

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