Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Products!

TRO Primitives volume 3 and the FWL objective books are out.  A quick review:

The objective book is, well, just like all the others.  If you liked one, you'll like this one.  Same format, template, map, descriptions, etc.  

TRO Primitives has a bunch of earlier models of designs we are already familiar with, though the 6 mechs have new (and very good, by 'JSN') art.  I hope this is the art style of the future, I think overall it looks a lot more pleasing to the eye.  I am very happy CGL has found some better artists over the last few years.

However, 1 glaring "oops" in the TRO.  It does have a TDR-1C thunderbolt within it, however, the cover is of a Thunderbolt that is a much later design and looks completely different.  I don't really review books for their words as much as their technical info and art, but in this case the only negative thing I can say about the book (aside from the horrible non-mech armor circle distribution) is that the cover has a pretty pic of a mech that technically isn't even in the book.

I'll get the new designs inputted from TRO Primitives v3 tonight.

However, the most exciting thing to me was the what is coming page.  Not the interstellar expeditions which I'm totally meh for, but the 2765 books for each faction.  That means we'll *hopefully* have orders of battle for the SLDF, and all the factions, at the time of the periphery uprising, and maybe a single update so we'll have data for the 1st Succession War... you know, the fun one.

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