Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well my computer is holding strong.  I've yet to see over 5% CPU utilization on my 32 cores, though my RAM has creeped up to nearly 10GB in use (out of 64GB, so I'm ok!) but I do have a lot open... I'm still very disappointed with 3*SSD's in raid 0 performance, in typical operations is the same, or slower, than my old 5 disk scsi array.

Anyway, onto Battletech stuff!

So they did another battlechat, you can see the transcripts here.  Here is what I got from it:

#1.  These are stupid.
#2.  Many, if not most, of the questions are stupid
#3.  Herb rarely answers questions.  Instead he gives vague and useless answers.
#4.  Record sheet books are now very costly, time wise, as they have no software to do it.... *I* have software, and can even just configure it to print text in spots instead of using a design system at all.  I can print a PDF from an excel worksheet of units in minutes, indexed, with a summary in the end and using unit images.  If they asked me, I could have a warship version done in a day or two.  The mech, fighter, vehicle, and dropship version is already done (see TRO 3063).  Oh well.
#5.  It has been *years*, and IO progress I get the feeling is still pretty much stagnate.  I bet we don't even see it in 2015.
#6.  Poor Wierdo, he just doesn't get enough warship love.

On to what I've been working on.

#1.  About 90% of my spare time has been spent playing, discussing, and working with Federation & Empire and Cyberboard.

#2.  The other 10% has been working on a dice roller (you can view it here).  The random number generator is the best out there, as I get the numbers from instead of relying on a computer.  I'm working on a rewrite of it that'll track turns, more detailed die formats, etc, etc.

I spent a few days in there playing the Diablo 3 campaign.  The movies alone are worth it, and very impressive.  The game, like all blizzard games, doesn't lack in polish.

I haven't entered in the updated vehicle annex, nor the stupid XTRO boondoggles stuff into my database yet.  Heck, in fact I don't think I did a database refresh since the last XTRO came out.  IIRC, I made some change thought it may potentially break stuff, so until I look at the code again and work on the major update there will probably be no more updates.

MWO is still stupid.

I'm not sure I'll get back into BT again until IO comes out, or maybe HBHK so I can finish up my cartographer app.  I think they have some leadership/QA issues over there and its very frustrating on my end.

Hell, I can sum up ONE thing that shows what is the primary thing wrong with the BTU IMO:
Even their errata has errata.... 

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  1. speaking of cartographer app. I tried to load the new coordinates in the last app you sent me, and the app crashes when hex sizes are set to 10 hehe guess my laptop can't handle all that. works well on 12, but with 10, it just freezes. It loads alright with the directx version but it's not as fun to browse without borders, names and some bugs.