Thursday, May 2, 2013

One last shot!

2 things, one stupid, one important.  Stupid first.

I have to stop chatting and having interactive communication online.  Facts are that many people can't understand "where I'm coming from", and online people have a tendency to get VERY defensive, VERY quickly.  Ironically, they are the first to use the term "Troll", when most Trolls are just "trying to get a rise out of you", and you let them by referring to that term.  I have to avoid these situations, I think very differently than anybody I've ever known, and not many people can understand my points.  I have to remember this, and like everybody I feel sometimes my opinion is important, I think it is better if I just avoid voicing it in a forum where people are in their homes, and not likely to accept anything they don't already think is truth with anything but aggression.  

This blog is ok, though I may piss people off sometimes, it isn't really interactive, and most people don't bother posting.  *I* don't get mad at people online really, it makes me feel bad that people can get so irate over words, but it is *very* hard to get me "pissed off", just ask my wife ;)

Anyway, the important thing now, for the .5 readers that are still reading ;)

I am giving Battletech one last shot.  In the next few days, I'll write the official Forum folks apologizing for breaking their rules (2 times I referenced politics, 3 times mentioned I was bringing things to a LGS to sell, so I wasn't banned for being a douche or anything) to see if they will enable me again.  I'll be nice, and cordial, and ask in a serious manner.  The reason is, I'm a form of vampire online.  I have time, skills, and desire to do all sorts of things for various games.  However, I have to have feedback to keep going.  If I don't have, well, a fan club, of people giving me input and anxiously awaiting some new product I'm working on, my mind starts to think "why would I write this for just me and 2 other people?".  The official forums are really the only place I can find enough supporters of Battletech to "keep me fed", for lack of a better saying.  I know I'm in some way mentally deficient for this requirement, but I also like big boobs, and can't seem to control that either...again, ask my wife ;)

So, I'll ask if I can be re-enabled.  Upon doing so I should be able to have enough support to finish my web based unit (*every* type of unit) editor, record sheet generator, cost/availability/year validation stuff, online record sheet tracker, Quick/Alpha Strike converter, my Cartographer, etc, etc... 

But if they say no, which is totally ok and understandable, I'll zip up all my Battletech stuff, throw it online for ya'll to leech, and walk away.  I'll sell about 80% of my miniatures (regiments worth) on ebay, starting for $1 (I don't need the money, and they suck up space).  I'll stop checking the forums, stop keeping up with current Battletech events, and maybe even try to back away from miniature based gaming.  It'll be a rough transition, but I can then start writing non-game type software for corporation server monitoring, which though less fun, is by far more profitable.

On a side note, if you know exactly who I should contact at CGL it'd help.  I'll post the end result whenever I get an answer, and will always answer my emails.


  1. I have been following and wanting to help update ot use your site. I don't get to play that often, however your database is better than the MUL in some sorts.

    I approve of admitting guilt and I don't see any reason for them to not allow you to rejoin. You faulted, got punished, cooled off, admit your faults, and all should be well. No one died so I think it is fine.

    There are some active mods there some more active then others so perhaps you should contact them privately first? Either way I'll help if I can.

    1. I contacted worktroll, who was who popped up when I actually logged into my account again.

      We'll see, though I'm not very optimistic about it :(

  2. You have my support for what its worth