Monday, October 26, 2015

Dev Diary Week 7 - BattleTech Design Software

Wow, 7 weeks already!  Well some weeks I'm much more productive than others.  This one I lost a couple days because I didn't want to code at night while we were getting storms, as our power is pretty flaky and I don't have enough UPS's for all my computers.  Also had some work jump in there, and my wife was sick.  Still though, I got quite a bit done.

In short, I am now at the point I need to total up the weight of a unit, then its cost, then years/availability, and finally BV.  Still some little tweaks to make here and there, but darned close to a somewhat usable product.  Record sheets will come later, as they are kinda easy in a way but very time consuming.  I have already done most of them before though, and may get lazy and fall back on those methods which worked fairly well instead of reinventing the wheel.

I won't bore you with the details, as I'm sure if I did some of you would have fallen asleep already, so I'll show a current work in progress screenshot of the unit design page:
Still a few interface changes yet to take place, but getting there!

I figure another month or so until I get all the design bugs worked out, maybe sooner, kinda depends on how many nights I have time, am not sleepy, and am in the mood to code.

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