Friday, June 22, 2012

Battleforce/Quick Strike Updates

Well for some reason I'm still making almost daily changes.  I really need a better front end, and do the code for vehicle/fighters/etc record sheets (its funny, those are all WAY easier than mech, I'm just not very motivated to do them).

Aside from bug fixes, and implementing new features, there are a few ideas I'm thinking about now.

#1.  Adding the ability for you to create a list, set skills/pilots, and display them all at once.  Optimally I'd like to create a PDF, but need to play around with PDF creation a lot more.  Another part to this would let you edit any values with any of those units.  So you could change armor, add hits, do refits, whatever, and it'd keep the data for you and create new record sheets on demand with the changes implemented.

#2.  Creating an EXE that does everything the site does, but faster, with lots more options.  I can make a better interface this way, but you won't be able to view the data on your phone or linux/mac box.  Also, I wouldn't support both, so the EXE would end up replacing the site completely

#3.  Completely redoing the quick strike/battleforce cards to support all my additional features.  For example, I'd remove the heat scale, its silly.  Instead the attack block would be 3 lines, one for ballistic, one for energy, and the last for ammunition so you can fill in circles as you use up ammo.

Of course those all seem interesting, but what I SHOULD be working on, in no particular order, is:

  • Battle Value calculation
  • Cost calculation
  • Finishing all the record sheets
  • Multiple image support, let you choose which one gets printed on the RS/Cards
  • Bug submission option on the bottom of all pages
I'm not seeing a lot of use on the site though, so I should probably still move on ;)   Funny how many questions I hear about "what book is mech XXX in" when a quick search on my site will give you EVERY book it is in, while the MUL only shows you the latest and has nothing recent.

Be sure to check the history page often, as it has a lot more updates and more detail than I do here on the blog.

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