Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick Strike/BattleForce Sheets!

Mechs now display the Quick Strike / BattleForce sheets before their record sheets.  It should work pretty well, though I didn't test it much.  If you notice any issues let me know.  Both of these sheets will be a button soon, and not come up by default (they are rather intensive on the web server, being 1+mb images and all, and the search engine crawler bots hammer em).

I will try to focus down and get most of the other record sheets working this week, I end up in this repeating pattern:

Step 1.  Analyze at all the combination of record sheets
Step 2.  Decide to dynamically build them from parts
Step 3.  Decide to dynamically create them from nothing
Step 3a.  Though I've written code to draw all the frames on a page with the same shapes, I get frustrated looking at it to add shadows and the non-flat bottoms.
Step 4.  Find out some horrible issue, like I have NO empty airship record sheet
Step 5.  Get frustrated, repeat.

I'm also having power issues at home, which is frustrating.  A typical breaker is 15 or 20 amps.  My house was built in 1969, and for some reason, nearly half the house is on a single 20 amp breaker.  My main computer uses around 12 of those, my web server 2-3 (my SQL server is on a new breaker I had put in).  Now, that is usually fine, but if I play a game or print I go over 20 amps, and throw the breaker.  I have a UPS on my main machine, but its software has been acting up and not going into standby properly.  Its all seriously frustrating, and once I start bringing in money again I'm rewiring the house.

On an unrelated note, I came home the other day to find somebody breaking into my house.  3 mid 20 year old white/latino kids in a Gray Crown Victoria with temp plates (Dallas area).  They busted down a door, knocked over a speaker, and moved my main TV on its swivel, but didn't get anything.  Glad I wasn't planning on being gone long, as I think they planned on pulling into an empty garage and loading up without being noticed.  Hopefully they'll come again when I'm home, my flowers need the fertilizer.   They did bust a door, but its ok, it was an "extra" back door I think was an office from a previous owner.  It had cracks around it, let in bugs, and had no reason to be there.  So, I had it replaced with a brand new wall that looks great!  Plus, I *spoiled* a burglary and the cops got some good prints off my TV ;)

Also, I haven't been real productive the last 2 weeks, had some wacky illness (cold/flu/respiratory infection or something) and tried to sleep through it, but am on the upswing now and should be productive this week.

I did spend a bit of time updating my Federation & Empire map system thing.  You can now click on a 500pc "strategic" hex and get a 6 "tactical" hex submap with more detail.  Its all very dynamic and easily editable with text files.  I am almost done with Omega map support, and will be releasing a new update shortly.


  1. I don't when I'll get a quickstrike game in...but thank you for this resource.

  2. Glad you stopped the bastards hitting your house. Yes... the flowers do need some fertilizer... let me come again!

  3. Glad to create it! Now spread the word!

    FYI, I was just updating the code, so now when you look at mechs I did recoloring on (Deimos, non-variant mechs from 2750 like the THE-N Thorn, etc), they are recolored properly on the QS/BF sheet.

    Am working on shrinking text now so those with lots of special abilities have them all displayed.