Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oops, the record sheets weren't showing up due to a stupid development/production environment bug.  All fixed now, now to figure out why nobody said anything :(

On another note, got a new Samsung Galaxy II S Epic 4G Touch (That name is excessively long) android phone... my first phone upgrade in 6 years (HTC Mogul previously).  I *might* tinker around with android development soon.

Check out the settings page!


  1. I have enjoyed your product! I want to do battleforce stuff. Is there a way to print out a battleforce record sheet? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, not many people hitting the site, hopefully some more folks find this stuff useful, else I may end up turning off my server at home to save $60 a month on power by the end of the year.

    Not right now, though I wrote something that made the sheets already over on the battletech forums. The code is a VERY simple copy/paste, and now that I do some decent BF calculation I'll get quick strike sheets implemented in my next update, which I'll get knocked out over the next few days.