Friday, May 4, 2012

A little sneak peak

I've mentioned before that I think it'd be cool to recolor mechs.  I mentioned it on the forums and nobody seemed interested, but I was, so I did it anyway.

So here is the process.  Take an image, spend 5 minutes in (or whatever app you want) with the magic wand.  Select the regions you want to have different colors, and change their color from white (RGB 255,255,255) to 254/253/252.  With a new update to my site coming soon, you'll be able to select your 3 colors.  Then, the mechs on your record sheets will be recolored when your record sheet is generated!  So basically, if you print out your force, everybody will know it was yours and your mechs will have a common paint scheme!  Cool huh?  Well *I* thought so.  I took a Deimos from TRO 3085 Supplementel (as it was a nice clean graphic and a great drawing), spent 5 minutes in, then I can recolor it instantly in milliseconds.  Take a look at how bad my color schemes can be.

I'll be able to draw a unit logo on them pretty soon as well, which you define a position *and* size, so it can be skewed if it should be drawn at an angle on the unit.

UPDATE:  Here is one with a camo applied instead of the colors, they don't seem to look too good with colors *and* camos, and in fact very few camo's look good (they are meant for top-down, most mechs are a perspective and would need "new" camo's)

Star League Colors:

MAJOR updates coming soon, feedback is appreciated!

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