Thursday, May 10, 2012


A minor issue with paths broke some units.  Basically, I develop this site on my workstation, then copy it to my server here at the house for ya'll to see.  However, ya'll view the stuff by going to a dynamic website, and I can't go to the same URL to view it (I have to use an internal IP).  Its all pretty painful and annoying, but it should be worked out now.

Here are some direct links to the units that are colorized, these could break on the next update though.

In hindsight, I should have colored these units with a main color, a secondary color, and a highlight color, instead of the way I did it, which would make the units look better.  Anyway, here are the links:

Deimos Primary
Deimos A
Deimos B
Deimos C
Deimos S
Deimos 2

Notice, the colors in the top image change each time you refresh the page, and the ones in the bottom are static and *currently* hard-coded to those 3 colors, but soon you will be able to pick your default 3 colors for all designs that support recoloring.

Also, these are the only units that have any fluff data, so if you want to see an example of full details, they are the best examples at the moment.


  1. Server Error in '/bte' Application. That is what I got when I clicked your links.

    Sorry, but a lot of this stuff is over my head - the last time I did any programming was for Basic 7.0 on my Commodore 128 :-)

  2. Give it another try, my server went off again (we have lots of power issues here, and I don't have a UPS big enough for it... nor any monitoring setup for it (like an idiot).

    Also, if for some reason you get an error still, its probably because I'm using dynamic DNS. For now, you can get directly to the site with no redirects by going to