Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Update!

Another really big update to the Battletech Encyclopedia!
  • I noticed quite a few units have a # of items listed = to ammo on board.  I went through and fixed I think all of these.
  • Major database update so items under weapons and equipment will be listed with a count, not 1 per line
  • Added all fluff information from TRO:Prototypes (many of these units had issues as well, copy/paste errors from XTRO's mostly)
  • I updated the code so when megamek icons are created, it'll shrink the camo file to the size of the actual image before merging them.
    •   For example, the Davion Guards is red in the middle, then white, and then blue stripes on the outside
    •   Megamek will make really small units only red and white with no blue.  My code will shrink the camo down, so all units have the same percentage of color on them
  • I changed all the unseen art from the black silhouettes, to the 3025 unseen art, and updated the IIC original unseen art
  • MasterOfCaps has produced some cool unique variants for those unseen, especially warhammers and marauders (plus flashman, thug, and 1 Stone Rhino).  I made his images the primary for those unseen designs.
  • I added mechwarrior online and mechwarrior tactics as potential images
  • I re-indexed the page numbers for RS:Prototypes, they had some issues.  If you didn't know, that is what the number in parenthesis after the source or TRO title
  • Mechwarrior Online Repaints is *exactly* what I was trying to attempt with my recoloring, I was told nobody would be interested, but that thread is *AWESOME*
    •   Of course my implementation sucks ass.  2 reasons.  #1, I am using PURE colors, not additive colors, which makes them look more cartoony.  #2.  I'm working with MUCH crappier images
    • I downloaded nearly 600 images from Mechwarrior Online Repaints of recolored mechwarrior online art.  I'll include it eventually, but need support for hundreds of images, not just 10 like I have now.
  • Added 5 units with fluff descriptions in Era Report 2750 (p135-139), though I'm not 100% sure on the details of any of them... especially the BLR-1GHE which surely doesn't have 9.5 tons of armor
  • Trimmed all images (95 lines of unoptimized code!), that is removed even a single extra byte of space around them.  It appears it reduced my average size of images by about 33%, woot!  They'll look better on Record sheets now too.
  • Updated the MUL data from the canon site
  • Implemented and to allow you to click on cell columns for instant sorting
  • Implemented ajax to get auto complete working on the search box... just start typing stuff in and click enter when you match up!
  • Screwed with the look/feel yet again through style sheets and some various tweaks
  • Quite a few image updates
  • Added the art from the canon as secondary images, though they aren't viewable from the site yet.
  • Completly updated the settings page to show you, as you select them, how changes in camo's or your colors will appear

Next on my list is getting record sheets working for most of the other units.  It isn't that hard, just painful.  I am making it very modular though, so the system will allow you to make your own custom record sheets quite easily once I'm done.  After that is quick strike/battleforce cards, multiple image support, and a blank on every page for you to submit any errors you see with it.

Once I get all the record sheets done, if I don't notice people using it for a while I may turn off my database server.  So if you like what you see, please put the word out there so you can bring more traffic here.  Note, I am not making any money at all on this site (notice, no ads, even without adblock) so am purely doing it to help the community.

Only 1-2 of you have figured out how to do searches and show megamek icons with textures.  Soon as you go to the site, go to settings and update your camo and save it.  After that when you do a search you can change the "Search Return Output Method" to "MegaMek Icons" and it'll show you a table of megamek icons in your camo!

Also, I've only seen 1-2 people figure out which mechs are recolored.  Basically its the Deimos, and the units from the ORIGINAL 2750 TRO (not 3039).  So update your settings, change your colors, do a search for MECHS in TRO 2750, and click on one of those to see "repainted" ones.  

And in other news, I updated my map program for Star Fleet Battles Federation and Empire.  Basically I made it a usable program, made all the settings configurable, and included 6400 or so ship counters (though non-federation ships need their files renamed)!  You can download it here.  Email me for the source.

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