Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Release

Yet another new version of BattleTech Encyclopedia (My version of the BattleTech Master Unit List, but far more comprehensive) released, I should probably add version numbers eh?

I have made a LOT of progress since the last major update, and it works for most mechs now (I'm slowing going through all 2800 or so of them, ensuring they are correct).

I'm not done yet, but have been churning through bugs.  Mech Record sheets are now pretty much correct, though I do still need a few minor things like connector lines instead of [cont] and ensuring text fits on lines.  Plus there can be issues with *really* complex designs (that luckily as of now, don't exist in the BT universe).

I added a few BattleTechnology units that had decent artwork, and marked them as non-canon.  You can search for the OSP-15 Osprey or Wolfman to see an example (the Rhino, another mech I love, breaks right now, I'll fix it soon).  LAMs will break too, I haven't looked into why yet.

Battleforce data should be good, and is far more "accurate" than the canon conversion would do.  Basically I calculate heat efficiency PER RANGE BAND, not for the whole design.  According to Strategic Operations, a mech with 30 heat sinks, 10 medium lasers, and 2 inner sphere ER PPC's would have an attack factor of 2/1/1 with an overheat of 3 (I think the overheat is right).  Well that isn't right, as long range those 2 PPC's should do a full 20 damage, and up close it should be doing 3 damage.  So I calculate the efficiency per band, which means my values would be 3/2/2, far more accurate to BT than SO would have you believe.  Also, I calculate heat efficiency completely separate for the indirect fire factor, so it may be a bit higher sometimes.  And finally, I don't round damage UP, that is stupid as if anything it should have been rounded down.  Instead, I just round everything normally.  If a special attack like AC, LRM, SRM, FLK, etc, doesn't have 5 or more attack, it doesn't show up separately, and is just added to the standard attack factor.  

I also add battleforce/quickstrike noticeable quirks to end of the special abilities line, in brackets so you can ignore them if you desire (as very few designs have them published right now).

I should have Battleforce/Quickstrike sheets up VERY soon, the code is all written, just need to copy/paste it.

If you see ANY errors let me know and I'll have it fixed probably within a day or two, if not an hour or two.

Oh, right now there are only 5 mechs with any fluff, manufacturer data, or that support my method of colorizing mechs based on your favorite colors, they are:
2750 Hermes
2750 Mercury
2750 Thorn
2750 Mongoose

If you view those mechs, the top image is randomly colored, the record sheet will be Red/Black/Yellow (You will be able to change your colors very soon).

I have randomly clicked on dozens of mechs now with no sign of an error, but surely when ya'll do every one will break :)  Please click on as many units you can and see if the record sheets appear ok, I'll be viewing those that get generated as well so any issues should be resolved pretty quickly.

If you want to help, here are some things you could easily do to assist:
#1.  Take this image, and get x, y, width, and height coordinates (in pixels, easy to do in paint or any image editing app), and write them down.  Here is the file I use to load up the settings to make a record sheet and the biped image file is here, and you can see that this method will VERY easily let you make your own record sheet templates.

#2.  Load up images, any image, and color them like you'd want, using red, green, or blue (like RGB 255,0,0 or RGB 0,255,0 or RGB 0,0,255 respectively), then send it to me.  I'll replace the original immediately.

#3.  I need massive amounts of fluff stuff entered, especially for non-mechs.

#4.  Got more images for a unit?  Shoot it to me, higher res the better.  I'll have multiple image support soon, and have only used the single image from TROs, even though a lot of other art may exist for designs (especially those unseen ones!)

#5.  Get the word out, I haven't seen many people use it, and granted, there aren't many people out there playing BT anyway, but the more users I see using the tool and complaining of any issues (or complements!), the more likely I am to stay focused.  Places like this would be ideal.

#6.  I could use some nice style sheets, my pages are simple, mostly tables, if you can put some nice colors together I'd be happy to update my site to use them.

Hope ya'll enjoy it!

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