Thursday, May 10, 2012

Era Report 2750

Well I was anxiously awaiting this product, as I love the Star League era, but after shelling out $50 for the PDF and book combo, I couldn't have been any more disappointed.

162 pages.

First 37 are fluff on the era, which isn't much more than a recap on what we already know.  I doubt I'll read it.

2 page map of 2750, thats nice, too bad we already had it.

27 pages of faction details.  Basically a bit on the factions, which is already known, and some VERY high level details on a few units.  Nothing to add to playing the game.

30 pages of major personas.  Seriously?  No piloting or gunnery, Out of *maybe* 10K worldwide BT players, how many are playing the RPG?  10% of that maybe?  Ugh, this is *not* how to keep people in a game system.

8 pages of describing advanced tech we already know and 2 pages of what could be interesting mega engineering stuff.

30 pages of era tracks.  I guess the warchest system is the way TPTB want people to play campaigns... if so, why the hell is interstellar ops even being done???

10 pages of "playing in 2750", which has a few special abilities for half a dozen regiments (out of hundreds) per faction, and some useless random unit tables.

The rest is RPG specific stuff, some slight details on major personas and new RPG character creation tables.

And that is it.  I don't play the RPG, nor warchest, so essentially this book was a total waste of $50.  If you haven't bought it yet, I would not recommend it.

They could have at least thrown in a few unit designs or something, but nothing, nada, zip for content.

One more book like this, and I'll never purchase without looking at it again, garbage.  And they say they aren't printing novels anymore.

But at least the update to TacOps is now out, though I'm still pretty frustrated they released the original in such piss-poor condition, and now I have to buy it twice if I wanted an updated copy on my shelf.

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