Thursday, October 25, 2012

Question for the readers!

I have a big question on where ya'll would like to see me direct my efforts towards most.

#1.  Updating this site, and giving ya'll everything promised.  This will have record sheets, unit trackers, campaign stuff, etc, etc.  If your a reader of my silly blog, hopefully your aware of the promises, if not, you may have to read a few pages to get them :)

#2.  A computer based, real time, top down version of megamek essentially.  I'll use megamek graphics, so it'll be all top-down, but it'll play real time.  You'll be like a single tank in command and conquer.  And yes, it'll have multiplayer support.  It'll support everything so things like sensors, fuel, supply, and even RPG elements.  

#3.  A turn base, interstellar game, BASED on the BT universe.  So unit names will be different, faction names different, characters different, planets different, but it'll play just like the succession wars would (the historic, not the original game).  There will be thousands of units, as every regiment, many battalions, and some companies will be modeled.  Think Master of Orion, but far more detailed, and far more modular (you can mod it to *BE* BattleTech if you so desire, but I can't release it that way)

#4.  Run for Mayor of Dallas and focus my efforts there.  This will kill all of my support for games.

#5.  Run for President of the United States, because my left hand has more integrity than any major candidate we have had in the past few elections.  I won't accept money from anybody to avoid being biased, so people on the internet would have to get my name out in their neighborhoods.  This will of course kill all of my support for games as well.  FYI, I've attempted to run for congress in the past, but last yer I got sick in the middle of getting my 500 signatures so fell through, and previously I had the libertarian candidate talk me out of running (stupid me, but it isn't a dream job by any means).

I'm serious about all 5, but I'm betting most of ya'lls votes would be for #1 to #3 :)

Let me know, if I get enough votes for any particular item I'll set my focus on it and spend 100% of my free time towards finishing it as my next project (starting in November at the latest).


  1. Realistically number one, but I have a dream... my dream is Bad Syntax for POTUS.

    1. Well there is 1 vote, only like 44,999,999 more! Oh wait, aren't you in the UK?

      Ok, 45,000,000 more!

  2. #3 then #1 but #4 would be cool as well. But #5 is a cool gig if you could get it. Then you could pay someone to do #1-3 for you! hahaha

  3. I vote for #1... and keep all the stupid politic talk i could babble about to myself :D

  4. #2, provided it has some sort of "quick play" option, would be the thing I use most.

  5. Well shucks, 4 comments, and it looks like #1 is winning with 2.... Kinda need more responses before I make a valid decision on this. At least 10 votes total. Feel free to send the link to your BT friends :)

  6. Well 5 votes after a week, and it appears #1 is in the lead (makes sense, it is why I created the blog!), followed by #3.

    Need some more votes!

  7. I don't have your email, but mine is:

    Ashley at apnix period demon period co period uk

    Please drop me a line.

  8. Hey there!
    Speaking as the gentleman you helped out via email today, I have to say I'm heavily in favor of number 1. This is one of the best resources for Battletech Players around and I'd love to see it grow!