Friday, October 5, 2012

Robotech Miniatures?

Well I was sick over the last 2 weeks, so didn't get crap for work done.  One heck of a cold or something :(

Anyway, I came across something REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting.....

Scroll down to the Robotech Tactical Role-Playing game update...

Lots of 1/285 Robotech miniatures comming, WOOT!  PLEASE let them have a MAC II as well as all the destroids/mecha from all 3 series.  I'll go broke buying these.

I hope the game is great too.  I've always thought that Heavy Gear, aka the DP9 Silouhette system, would be *perfect* for Robotech as it has the "anime" feel, and a hero can be nearly invincible until  overwhelmed or fighting another hero, and can easily trash scores of stupid baddies.  I loved Heavy Gear before they went Blitz (to me they went from tactical miniatures game to 40K clone).

Anyway, lets home great things come from that.

Heck, maybe it'll work for Rifts too.  The Rifts universe is really cool, don't care much for the rules, but its a universe that allows ANYTHING you can imagine, which is kinda cool.

Anyway, stayed up too late playing Borderlands 2.  Not sure why I'm still playing it, feels like BL1, and I spend WAY too much time opening stupid crates with garbage in them, though I bet its a blast multiplayer.  I cheated and level 50'd my characters pretty quick to keep going, but I think its days are numbered for me.  Great game tho for those who dive into FPS games like that.  


  1. Can't quite understand why you feel Blitz plays like 40K. Could you elaborate? I played both and feel they're completely different systems.

    1. Well they do play completely different in terms of game mechanics and die rolls.

      But where they are similar is the way you build armies, have pretty distinct factions, and the way the rules lack so much detail now.

      I loved Heavy Gear before blitz, it was a GREAT system. But they dropped all the cool stuff like:
      - No more unit construction
      - Sensors/Communications no longer have a range
      - Lots of the perks/flaws were abstracted
      - Damage down to light/heavy/destroyed instead of gradually wearing away at AUX systems and the armor before getting a kill
      - Ammo now tracked with a "threshold", instead of a number. First time in battle you roll bad and apparently you forgot to load your ammo before the fight.
      - The silouhette system, which included Jovian Chronicals, Gear Krieg, and Core Command was far more versatile, and had a lot of cool sci-fi/anime type stuff, now, well, most of that is gone.
      - The cost of the minis are freaking outrageous IMO, right up there with GW. The quality is good, the designs cool, but damn they cost a lot.
      - We had 6 landship minis in the strategic game which I freaking loved, but the game kinda sucked. We have stats for TWO landships in Heavy Gear. I LOVED the landship art, its freaking cool, and I'm still a little upset that we haven't had a landship book come out yet. Perhaps when the new version of HG comes out, though I suspect it'll be more blitz and less original Heavy Gear :(

      I would however write a HG real time top-view computer game if people would produce some good graphics for it.

  2. Somewhat off-topic, but it seems to me, your Encyclopedia Frontpage is down or malfunctioning. The Database works though, i can get every unit by the complete listing site.
    The Banshee BNC-11X and the 1E produce some error btw.

    1. Thanks! Looks like my IP that never gets updated got updated. Guess I can go create a new forum account now.... naaah, did that a long time ago (I just don't post much now, and stay outta opinion based topics, teehee).

      The Banshee BNC-11X is broken because of the bombat laser, the 1E probably something similar. Unfortunately all that code I used to generate those is now completely obsolete based on what I did with TRO 3063. It will get fixed soon, however, I went through and created a new PDF with all the banshees in it, it is at

      The 11X has armored components that I'm not supporting yet. It isn't on the crit diagram, but is on the inventory part.

      The 1E is all primitive, it appears to print out ok, but it could have issues.

      The zip also has the calculations I used to determine things like BV, availability, weight, cost, etc

  3. Replies
    1. No Problem!

      Though I forgot to shrink the file. I updated it, and it is now like 1mb instead of 14mb.