Monday, July 29, 2013

BattleTech Alpha Strike Counters!

2 updates in 1 day, but no, I'm not working on Battletech.

I made counters for all the companies in the Alpha Strike book.

I was going to print all the numbers on the back, but didn't know if anybody wanted these.  Having the numbers on the back means you don't need Alpha Strike sheets.  Instead, for things like damage/criticals, you can make up little counters to use, eliminating all paper tracking from the game.

I also consolidated each lance/star into a single "element", and all 3 lances (or 2 stars) into a single element.  This is basically averaging out all the values.  But doing this means you can fight out your Alpha Strike battle, or, just average stuff out, and you could fight 2 regiments of 10 elements each, instead of 2 binaries of 10 mechs each.  The only recommendation I have for changes at this scale is that for each additional scale, half the range.  So if you want lance sized elements, half all the ranges.  If you want company sized elements, quarter them, etc.  Mathematically dividing by 4 is probably better, but units get slow and short ranged.

Anyway, the table for the consolidated stats is at bottom, here are some counters for you to print up and use for a game!  Oh, you will have to scale them, as I didn't create a PDF to ensure they'd always be the same size.  I got this idea from somebody posting on the forum about counters or mini's.

And creating these for any unit I have a megamek icon for, with any camo I have camo for, is quite trivial.  Let me know if you like/use!


  1. These are cool. Thank you for making them.

  2. Btw, I posted this over on my blog and used one of the images. If I should take it down, let me know.

    1. Naah, if I post something online, in any fashion, on any blog or site, I understand and completely accept that it is then the property of the world, and I no longer have any true ownership of it.

      So if you, or anybody, likes what I've done enough to use it or post it somewhere else, knock yourself out. Heck, even if they take credit for my work I won't do anything but think they suck as a human and eat kittens for snacks, but once its on the web in a digital form, it is no longer mine ;)

      Glad you liked. I thought about putting the movement on the front as well, and could easily fit all the stats on the back, or a blip, or I can make these for any unit there is a megamek camo for, and can make any silhouettes. So if you, or anybody else, wants specific units just chime in and I can knock them out quickly.

  3. There are /so/ many units I'd like, but I'd rather not trouble you with it. Is there any way you could post a tutorial of some kind, or email me ( with basic instructions on how these were made?