Monday, July 29, 2013

BattleTech Alpha Strike, For Free!!!

Well nifty, I logged into DriveThroughRPG, looking to see if Alpha Strike was out yet, and apparently it kinda was.  I got a copy for $0 before they took it back offline.  I think I may have just snuck through an update!   Muhahahaha.  I'll still buy the hardcover though, as it does look to have some different stuff in it, but no longer need the PDF (which is a crime to charge an additional $15 for something you  bought in paper form)

As for Battletech.  Thanks to a few very persistent folks, I keep doing stuff.  I apparently can't escape.  The last 4 days now, and probably the next few, I've been going through all my conversion code for Alpha Strike/Battleforce.  When I say all of it, I mean ALL of it.  I'm finishing up code for things like Warships, Mobile Structures, and even buildlings.  ALL of it.  I'm mostly done now, but it'll still probably be a day or two before I update the site again.  Oh, you'll be able to specify the environment too, so if you want to play an Alpha Strike game underwater, or in a vacuum, or whatever, the card data will be modified appropriately.

I've found HUNDREDs, if not more, tiny issues in my database.  Almost all related to listing things like "Ferro Fibrous" instead of "Ferro-Fibrous", or just formatting issues, but I have validated just about every design now and my code works.  If you look at units now you see some debug info on how I got costs/BV/ratings, though it still isn't perfect.

However, I'm really thinking of changing the system a bit, though I'll try to have an option to see "canon" or "bad syntax" sorta values.  For example I'm thinking of dividing damage by 5, or even 3, instead of 10.  When doing your "to-hit roll", you roll 2d6, adding any modifiers, and apply it to a special table I made that looks a lot like a missile hit table.  It will then tell you how much damage you do based on how well you rolled.  Unit damage is still the same, divided by 30, but output will be much higher, as this way you see a more granular method of doing the damage.  I'll also have more stats for quick strike.  It'll still be simple, but I'll have a few more attack values and better conversions, plus a few more abilities.  

As for all my code, well, if you want anything inparticular email me, but I have an absolutely huge amount of stuff and its just been more than I wanted to bite off to pretty it all up and distribute it.

I'll try to do up some top view counters this week using megamek imagery and camo's.  I'll print them on .75 or 1" chunks.  For Davion, I'll do a yellow background with 1 of each mech in the intro boxed set (and all variants), in all camo's I have.  Then I'll spit it out as a big PDF so you can print whatever units you want.  Sure wish there weren't so many missing graphics in megamek tho :(

The Alpha Strike sheets need redesigned, they are woefully inadequate if you play a game with all the optional rules.  In fact, nothing out there is any good.  I made some with all the bells-and-whistles, but they kinda suck too :(  If anybody is creative artistically and thinks they can make a great template with well over 50 different places to put data, let me know as I can fill it in :)

I offered to give code to make a canon record sheets to the guys, no response yet, but they have far too many units without a card when the Alpha Strike book tells them to go there :(

So I'm done with Battletech, yet somehow very actively working on it.  Go figure ;)


  1. Hilarious the guy who's finished with BT gets the free copy. It was only up for a few minutes.

    I bought the hardback and PDF together and saved $5.

    1. Kinda funny eh? It isn't like I couldn't have found it for free if I was cheap, but it was nice to find a bug in the system and get it without doing anything unethical :)

  2. It's great how easy it is to strip data into a PDF template. Never been a big fan of Quickstrike/Alpha Strike, not really sure why but somehow it doesn't "feel" like 'Tech. Not sure if that feel is possible to replicate in a set of rules that isn't wildly overcomplicated, but I'm giving it a try.

    1. I don't know why they decided to double all the movement/ranges. Perhaps the huge miniatures that are over 1" in size? Just seems to not "feel right" to me. I would rather have seen all the numbers stay the same. Plus, even though its based on battleforce, it changes the system by doubling that stuff and breaks compatibility between the two systems.

      I think the difference in BattleTech gradually wearing down units into this system, where units take a couple hits and die in Alpha Strike, is one of the other key areas that doesn't match up.