Friday, October 18, 2013

3145 Update!

Just a quick note that I've updated the database with all the units from all the 3145 books and new record sheet files.  My database is now 6476 entries.

Still buggy though, and slow as hell because of the PDF generation.  Been busy and inputting data the last week or so, site updates have been slow.

I'll start working through bugs again next week, though I also have another pet project of converting the Victory by Any Means campaign game system into a stand alone counter based mass starship battle system.  That system is, by far, the best 4X sorta game system I have ever found, and very easy to play.

More to come soon, though my readership has tanked lately without any advertising :(


  1. What's your feeling on the 3145 units in general? My quick skim suggests a fairly wide-ranging bunch, but we'll probably have to wait for gameplay to see which are the good and which the bad ones.

    1. Well I entered data in all 700 of them, so you'd think I would have gotten a "good feel" for them, but honestly, I didn't see units that stuck out. A few things, like new technologies are more common. Seems like TSEMP is very very very common, mixed tech units are far more common and almost standard. The artwork for the dark age units usually sucked, but they tried to make the clickytech look ok so I can't blame CGL. I don't really read TROs like I used to, so can't really content on the artwork.

      So overall, just another TRO I guess, some crappy units, some good ones, nothing felt "munchy" to me, so I guess the TRO 3145 series is pretty decent as it should feel that way.

      I am kinda upset how they did all this though. I think TRO 3145 should not have been created, instead just created a TRO 3145 Complete that was $60 or so for the PDF, that had all the previous 3145 PDFs within it, then released the two RS 3145's with it. Then, no print TRO 3145 whatsoever. That would have made more sense IMO, and I've had people send me PDFs that fit that better. Even though I have a scanned TRO 3145, it'll probably never be looked at again, and the paper copy will be a bookshelf queen for sure.

      I will say be careful of lots of the new tech. It is kinda like the difference between a finely tuned German sports car vs an American muscle car. Both are fast, one is better in every way, except the American car is far cheaper. If you play with BV, ask yourself if 2000 BV is really worth a 50 ton mech, or would 2x1000 BV 50 ton mechs be far more capable, and survivable.

  2. I haven't played much with the latest tech, but my experience with BV has been that 3025 'Mechs with P5-G4 pilots can be worryingly dominant over shinier tech and hotter pilots in an equal-BV game.

  3. if it helps, just recently bumped into this site (and actually just recently picked up classic battletech) so i'll be introducing it to some friends of mine.:) been really useful. keep it up.^_^