Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Banned User

After talking with a buddy of mine over the weekend who ended up getting banned because CGL doesn't understand network address translation, and then seeing links on the Iron Wind Metals site that went to the official forums, I came to a revelation.

When you get a "perma-ban", Catalyst Game Labs is saying that they no longer want you as a customer.  You are not allowed to ask rule questions, download files, or communicate with CGL partners.  CGL is, from a company standpoint, saying they no longer want you as a customer.  They may argue this, but it is kinda obvious what their stance actually is by their actions.

Basically, that is "perma-lame" on their part IMO.

Go Vote!

On another note, I put up a link on my forum asking the viewers what they want me to work on next.  Go vote, once I get a few more I'll start working on my next update and/or new product!

Till next time, happy gaming!


  1. Bad Syntax,

    Regardless of your opinion of Catalyst Game Labs and their actions towards you, openly claiming that you'll enthusiastically commit copyright infrightment is, in my opinion, a very poor choice.

    I would rather see you continue contributing to the BattleTech community in all the great ways you have in the past, including the software you've worked on and the commentary on this blog, for example (torrent threats not included).

    - Nic Jansma, sarna.net

  2. Yes, its a poor choice, I agree. While I may have threatened it in the past when bitchin, I didn't actually do it until I heard of others having the same issues I did (I at least can work around their bans, most can't).

    This is only for folks who have been banned forever, so it isn't like its really infringing much. I'm sure I'm the only one who has ever been banned anyway as they wouldn't do that to their fans .

    While copyright infringement isn't a good thing for content producers, I can't see how it ranks any higher (and probably lower) than downright blocking fans from your products. Many industries survive IP infringement, not so many survive treating fans like crap.

    Heck, if Herb, Randall, or any CGL employee asked me to remove it I would, as I'm actually a super nice guy, just not so much on holding back opinions.