Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm dumping it

I'm dumping the miniature lot, see the add on craigslist here:

I'm just sick keeping all these miniatures to a game I never play.

I'm still thinking about abandoning the game all together, I'm just so fed up with TPTB giving 80% of the info only to never fill in the blanks.  Maybe a new release soon will change my mind, like IO :)

If you've read War of Reaving, and want to give me a synopsis so I don't have to read it, please shoot me an email.  Basically I just want to know what happened to each clan and a brief summary overall, and I don't care enough for how the style in which it is written to read it all myself.


  1. Feeling a bit grumpy I guess. Take a break from being over involved with stuff you ultimately can't control.

  2. Well its a smart decision to dump the miniatures, but I have a lot of time vested in the game and do want to finish my succession wars type game.

    There are just soooo many canon inconsistencies, rule issues, missing data, and outright errors that its hard to use the universe to create much of anything.

  3. I sympathize, my friend. I too have a huge collection.