Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selling my stuff

This is just a duplicate of a local craigslist posting in the Dallas area.  I'm essentially getting rid of nearly all my miniatures & terrain, as I just don't play anymore, and if I did, I'm totally happy with counters made from megamek graphics and mapsheets.

I am looking at offloading a *lot* of miniatures, mostly battletech. Roughly 10 regiments, now YOU can actually field an SLDF division, with unseens!

Within this group there are:
351 Metal Mechs I bought online, and can't be 100% sure they are real (all but about 20 look *very* good if they are fake, those 20 *are* fakes I'm sure, the rest I simply can't tell), almost all with bases
544 Metal Mechs (at least a company to battalion of most of each type of unseen, 6 of each unassembled celestials, all stripped, primed, or never painted), almost all with bases.  Quite a few battledroids in there too, including 3 Behemoths!
286 Plastic Mechs (maybe 10% have been spraypainted, from 3 different styles of boxed sets, mostly the new one)
96 Turrets from various vehicles for defenses (with mountain dew lids for structures to mount them on)
525 Vehicles (20 Wet Navy, 6 VTOL, 1-2 full companies of most vehicle types, 2 battalions of savannah masters and 1 of gabriels)
43 ProtoMechs
833 Battle Armor (usually 16, 25, or 36 of a type, a hundred or so glued individually to pennies)
275 Infantry (most glued to pennies individually)
64 Warships of all sorts
101 Various Dropships
25 Small Scale Aerospace Fighters (Clan)
3 Full Sized Aerospace Fighters
An 18 gallon tub FILLED with MW Dark Age stuff, and I mean filled, every little gap has something in it. There is also a whole box of some complete set on top of that, not sure which.  They were gently set in there, and have been taken care of, but still probably a few broken ones. I think I have an inventory on it somewhere....

The price is for just the BT stuff, I also want to sell the following:
100 or so tanks and lots of infantry for the B5 GROPOS game, all unpainted/unassembled
4-8 boxed B5 fleet action sets, including the ancient one and quite a few additional EA/Minbari ships, nothing painted, also some regular scale stuff
A *lot* of 40K epic stuff (6 or so titans, 6 thunderhawks, *huge* numbers of tanks/infantry from all races, only some spray painted)
Some 40K stuff, some dark eldar I think, package of fantasy knights/lizard people things, a few tyranids, most older stuff
An essentially brand new box of geo hex that can 100% cover a 4' x 6' table in hills (this is the 1' hexagon stuff, some with roads, none with hexes).
A bunch of terrain pieces, boxes of unassembled trees, big felt desert hex map, a bunch of unpainted styrafoam I've collected over the years that look like good bunkers, buildings, etc
A box of game stuff I had duplicates of. SFB Captains logs, some 40K books, D&D, some battletech books, etc
1 company or so of gears for Heavy Gear for both north and south, plus a few Allers, a couple Nagas, and a Mammoth, and a few other things thrown in.
And some stuff I forgot, surprise!

Now for the rules!!!

#1. I will be *very* amiable with getting this stuff to you, heck I'll take it to your house if your close by, but it may take a couple car loads!
#2. I will NOT sell the BT stuff piecemeal, its one freaking lot, there are no exceptions to this, and I won't even reply if you ask me to part with "X number of Ys"
#3. You gotta pay up front, and there will be no checks. I'm 100% fine accepting cash, but that is a lot of cash and something like paypal may be a better bet.
#4. All the non-battletech stuff, if your interested hit me up, I'll try to get a better inventory and price on it.
#5. The price isn't negotiable on BT, its worth *easily* 50% more than that if I was to sell it on ebay, ebay is just a pain, and I don't need the money, I'm just sick of the game.
#6. Unless I'm paid in cash, there will be a written contract to protect both of us from any fraud.
#7. I would accept a trade for various things, but that is a lot of money, and there isn't much I need. Some of the items I would consider as some or all of this trade would be:
- New quality HP 44" color printer, it could even be bought and delivered to me instead of cash, in case your worried about fraud or something
- A high quality like-new microscope/telescope
- A 3D printer
- Software development. I need help working on a UI for a project, and a 2D world mapping project, both .NET, VB.NET preferred. Some Photoshop skills in making 2D terrain wouldn't hurt either.
- Janes Fighting Ships, All the Worlds Aircraft, and Armor & Artillery, for 2000+
- 79 Nova in mint condition (my wife's favorite car!)
- A like new boat!
- A huge amount of landscaping for a house I just bought

Got enough cash/stuff I want, and I'll be more than happy to give you *everything*, this would be optimal, as I don't want to inventory it all... your free to come look at it if your considering making a serious offer, just don't waste our time if your not.

Oh heck, just make an offer, I'll take anything into consideration, I don't *need* the cash, and in this economy you probably wish you *had* the cash, but if you have something that I find useful, we can negotiate. If you want pictures I can do it, but it'll take some time in most cases, as its a lotta crap :)


  1. Dang. I'm in the mood to buy...but I can't offer what the Battletech stuff is worth. Being a rabid Battletech collector, I realize what you have there.

  2. I think you're going to have a tough time selling all that en bloc. Maybe smaller lots on LOTB? I had a lot of success that way: it's an interested pool of buyers, they know the value, and there's no seller fees like on ebay.

  3. Uh... want to wait a year and a half after I graduate and start working as a practising vet in Chicago? I'd be able to buy it as a whole lot then.