Sunday, August 14, 2011

Influence Mapping

Well I'm working on mapping planet coordinates again.  I now think I have the coordinates of all 2973 systems down.  Still working on the ownership, not having the Kurita housebook is a REAL pain :(

There is also the matter that most of the scales on the maps are incorrect....

There is also the matter that not all the maps line up, 3075/3130 do (thank goodness, I used 3075 as my base template), but the 2596 map is all screwed up.  Its like the X coordinate added a percent or two in *both* directions, so my coordinates vs those on that map are off by up to 5 LY.  Any world that is on the 3075 map is accurate to like .001 LY.

Anyway, I'm working on getting an influence map to work.  This process would dynamically recolor the space ownership based on who owns the most nearby systems.  I'm not 100% sure it'll work, but early progress is promising.  I had to restrict the calculations to 10 LY grids, as 1 LY grids used like 6GB of ram and kept killing the app (with 12GB of ram, go figure).  More to come soon, as well as listing of all the planet coordinates, but here is my first influence mapping shot:

And my 2nd attempt:

Now to get that perfect formula in between :)


  1. I have a spare HB Kurita if you want to trade?

  2. The new one that isn't released yet? I would very much like to trade for that :)

    I have the old one, but I'm needing the maps for years like 2822, 2864, 2571, etc.