Friday, September 9, 2011

HPG Network

So I was tinkering with the HPG network to see how it'd work.  I need to ask some more questions over at, but I don't think it *can* work as published.

However, I'm using the initial list of HPG A systems that I think was in the old SLDF book, but there are more A networks than that from planet data, I'll update this graph tonight.

Class A HPG stations are on 49 worlds.  These have a range of 15 pc (48.9 LY), and transmit to all surrounding B and some A stations every 24 hours.

Class B HPG stations are on all the other worlds (minus a few in the periphery).  These have a range of 9 pc, just like a jump, or 29.34 LY.  These only receive from adjacent class A stations.

Now here is the problem represented on a 3075 map:

The red circles are A networks, and all systems in that should be sending communications to the central red dot every 3 days.  Now, those A systems, or the red circles, *should* be far more spread out and always overlapping.  If they are not, there is simply no communications from Terra out past about 200 LY.  NONE, ZIP.  This means even folks on New Avalon, have to wait for a jumpship to tell them that Amaris just took over.  Ack!

Within Hegemony space however, I think all the planets are in range of an A network.  If planets could have TWO HPG A's on planet, instead of 1, then technically all of the hegemony could have real time communications as each planet could send to another planet, and receive from another planet.  Essentially a really large token ring network!

I'll post more on this later, once I have access to my data again, but I thought this was rather curious.

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