Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm done

Thanks to the overly sensitive moderators on the forums, I'm calling it quits.  This wasn't a spontaneous thing, it has been a long time coming, with reason after reason being presented to me until I finally just decided to move on, and will now spend my excess hours on something else.

If anybody knows how to code and wants to continue anything I've written shoot me an email and I'll send you the code.

Here is my latest version of cartographer:

Here is my working copy of all the planet data in excel:

Anything else your interested in I may have mentioned just shoot me an email.

I won't delete this blog, but it'll no longer be active.  I'll respond to emails or comments on here indefinately however.


  1. Just got back from my trip to find your decision to cut bait.

    While I'm not sure how interaction with volunteer moderators over there has anything to do with your efforts on your fan-created project, I'm not surprised. As many long-time forum members have witnessed, there have many many single-programmer announcements of application intentions over the years, but only two (Heavy Metal series and SkunkWerks) I know of that have actually come to fruition. Most people's intentions just don't hold their attention (for what ever reason) long enough to see something actually created and the application dies with their departure. (The opposite appears to be true for team-developed projects.)

    Your Cartographer was on the cusp of becoming something important; it's a shame you decided to deny Volt's and your long hours from seeing a first full release.

    I'm also concerned as to your decision in regards to Sarna's planet project. I'll talk with Volt, see if he can re-create your method of coordinate extrapolation, but if not, we may just have to declare the end to coordinates as a means of mathematically positioning planets anywhere, since it would be unsupportable and simple static.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. I am still talking to Volt, and have let him know I'll be happy to update any coordinates with the exact same methods on any new systems, and will keep the listed updated with any new changes. I'm not formatting my hard drive and vanishing from the world, I'm just not real happy with, well, anything BT right now, so anything BT specific may have to wait until they can somehow revamp my interest, plus, I'll never post in the forums over there again, that'll help my motivation :) ( had even crappier users, ugh!)

    Based on you, volt, and a few other people who inquired I will resurrect a WPF version of Cartographer, no longer specifically tied to BT, after a while. WPF will allow a significant performance increase, though code is a lot more out of my realm of expertise.

    I'll startup a new blog for the new version. It will no longer have any ties to BT in any way, but should support everything that I was planning on in Cartographer, and will be used as a template for my 4X type of game.