Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4791 Quick Strike Cards

A tiny updated, ok, not really an updated, but while tinkering around I created a PDF a LOT of quick strike cards (apparently no particular order, oops).  The PDF has 1198 pages, with 4 cards per page.

They are highly compressed, so don't look real great, but they are readable, and the file is only 185mb (it was nearly 800mb without compression).  No indexing or searching either, sorry about that, this was just a test but I figured some of ya'll may like it.  

You can download it from mediafire (click the download link on that page, I think it'll work, never used mediafire before), which should be a bit faster.  The file will only exist until I use mediafire again (pretty rare, but I only get a 200mb limit).

Many of these may not have errors I found yet, so if you notice any (aside from the dropship/warship cards, which only kinda work and not according to the rules, or support vehicles which may also be broke), comment or shoot me an email and I'll go take a looksie.

Note:  Mad Cats are on page 773 or so, Marauders 778, Warhammers 756, Archers 708.  I see some blank images, usually a typo on my part, I'll fix any ya'll point out immediately.

Still working on the other record sheets, next major update will have them, I promise*! 

*Promise may be broken if I get off track, but I'm really trying not to do that

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