Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

I usually try to avoid the internet on this day, to avoid getting fooled by the news that is so filled full of fun, but today CGL released one of the better products in a while.

Experimental Technical Readout 1945.

Yes, it is an April fools joke PDF.

However, it is VERY well done at first reading and I am kind of impressed.  You can actually take a battalion of Tiger I's against a Warhammer... and yeah, you would need a battalion.  They included all the rules required to play these units in a game of Battletech.  They also had 2 things I *loved* on each entry, a # produced and years of production.  If they had those 2 things in BT, we'd have far more resources for generating games, especially strategic ones, but oh well.

It is free, go download it, then go to GHQ or wherever, buy some microarmor, and have a Leopard with 4 mechs, and 2 fighters, go and raid some planet, end up with some wacky jump issue, and be back in time to 1943 where they engage some US/German/etc brigade before getting damaged enough to go retire in some village somewhere, patenting stuff like velcro and post-it notes so they can live a life of luxury.

Also, even better news!  Looks like the Robotech game is on the way, maybe through a kickstarter.  See more here:  but in short they'll have plastic 1/285 robotech miniatures of all the stuff we saw from the show.  I can't wait, though I'm not real optimistic about the rules as Palladium rules suck horribly (but the universes are cool).

I jumped into Mechwarrior Online again the other day..... still sucks, but if you love mindless carnage and hate tactics, balance, and strategy, you may enjoy it quite a bit.

As for me and Battletech, well, not much to be said.   I check the forums every few days, but the topics are usually so lame I am not sure why.  Still pisses me off that you can't download attachments without logging in, so I have to use other accounts, but nobody cares but me apparently.

I haven't made any progress with anything BT due to a serious lack of interest, not just with me, but with the fans.  Maybe it'll change, I still have plans for a real time top down quick and easy BT simulator, as well as the whole strategic game on PC, but kinda think I'll be putting it off until Interstellar Operations comes out, though HB House Kurita may make me finish my stellar cartographer thingy.

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