Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slight Progress!

I went through and entered all the units for TRO 3145.  I also extracted/named the images from the RS 3075 update, as well as XTRO 1945.  So I've actually done some BT work for a change!

I started digging in to redo my code that creates BF/QS data.  My version I think was far superior to the published version, as I had a computer doing things like "best case" calculations at every range band, giving stats more in line with the regular game.  However it wasn't very modular.  I'll be redoing it totally, but after perusing the BT forums that I am still banned from, it looks like they'll be doing some updates to the way stuff is calculated.  So, I'll be delaying any work on it until that is done.

I'm also thinking of a BF/QS play aid for phones/tablets.  It'll be a website, not an app, so it'll work with everything.  It'll be very similar to the Ogre War Room app out there, but have QS/BF data instead.

I also started tinkering with making a mech game.  There would be 2 scales at first.  There would be a tactical scale, where each counter is 1 mech/tank/platoon, and a strategic scale where each counter is from a company to a battalion.  They would be separate combat systems, but I will try to make them work together.  All the data needed for play will fit on a business card.  I initially tried to make it a 5/8" counter, but I wanted a bit more uniqueness than those counters could hold.  I can release little business card sets for various divisions or special units, and you can use the same counters that come with the standard game.  I will use BT for inspiration, but the game will play a bit more like QS.  I'll do an impulse system for movement, as the you-go-i-go system has some major flaws, and this will speed up movement as you only ever move a hex or two at a time.  I will have sensor rules, that will be extended quite a bit from the AEP/ECM rules in BT.  I'll have more unique factions as well, and units will be unique between them.  Anyway, still tinkering with the idea and base design.  If I come up with something solid, I may kickstarter it or just find an on-demand publisher.

If what I'm currently working on for Star Fleet Battles/Federation & Empire falls through, I'll get back on the Battletech bandwagon.  I've learned a lot doing it, and could knock out a QS computer version pretty quickly now.

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