Monday, April 22, 2013

Data Entry

Just a minor update, looks like I'm heading towards updating Battletech again.  However, the Robotech Kickstarter may end up halting any progress for a while... maybe.

I've entered in every unit from every source now, except I still have yet to finish the RS 3075 533 page record sheet book.  I'm about a third done.  Soon as I finish updating that, I'll start working on the new site.  I'll move over my new code for record sheets and design validation, and hopefully by that time errata will be good on quick strike so I can update the code for those conversions.  I'll have an option to see *MY* conversions, or CGL conversions.  I'll have both as I know the CGL version will stick with BV, and the two don't match up the same as they do in regular Battletech.  I'll be using the superior power of a computer to calculate the best damage at every range band, to give more realistic damage breakdowns.  I'll also allow different divisors, so you can do a 1:5, or 1:1, or 1:20 if you so desire.  I'll also include a system to scale up to division strength.  To do this I'll just average stuff up.  For example, say you want each maneuver element to be a company with 3 sub-elements, each being a platoon.  This way you can fight out a battle 4x as large in the same time.  I'll average up the values for each lance, remove things that don't apply to 50% or more of the lance, and sum them up so it looks like a single mech now, but is really the combined value for a lance.  I'll do the same thing all the way up to division levels, meaning each unit is a regiment.  

I'll also add support for creating lists, and *try* to get support to track your damage on a tablet/PC/phone so you can finally stop killing trees or eating through grease pencils.

Anyway, still probably a couple months out, but at least I'm doing something with Battletech again!


  1. Huzzah! I still come to this site weekly and do stuff. You still the man!

  2. Are you planning to release the raw data at some point? These would be very handy for me...

  3. Thanks JHaygood, the update should make the site completely usable on any tabletop.

    Firedrake. Yeah, I'll probably release the data at some point, but need to do something so if I update it, everybody knows. I hate the thought of releasing it, seeing people use it for some project, then TRO 3200 comes out and it is no longer up to date.

    If you need specific chunks of data I can probably get you something easily enough.

    1. If you're making it publicly accessible, how about github? Free hosting, and automatic change notification. The HYG star catalog is doing this already: