Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alpha Strike Search & Other New Features!

Ok, I'm on a roll, though I only spent a couple hours on updates, I figured I would post this one as its *very* useful for the Battletech Encyclopedia.  

Basically, you can search for Alpha Strike abilities!  The downside is I am using the data from the MasterUnitList, so there are quite a few units missing.  However, you can at least search using alpha strike abilities.

PLUS, by default, you can view the alpha strike stat line in search results!  Not sure why I never had a bit more detail on the search results, oh well.

Eventually I'll have my algorithms good enough to create my own Alpha Strike stats and be confident in their numbers.  When that happens I'll start using my own data instead of piggy backing off of the MasterUnitList.

I am about done with textual updates, and will soon start fixing my cost/BV/weight calculation algorithms.  This is a pretty slow and painful process hampered by errata and issues :(

The new Point Value system for Alpha Strike should be released to the public soon!  When it comes out I'll instantly go implement it.  I'll run it first against the MasterUnitList data, which would only take a few minutes once I get the data inputted.  I'll then send the data to TPTB and hope they accept it, so they can update their PV on the website for Alpha Strike cards.  

I want to figure out how to get image scrolling working for units (the top image on the details page, often I have multiple, just not on the website) as well as a skill changer for the Alpha Strike Cards... lots of updates :)

And no, I haven't forgotten about the update to the Alpha Strike Card Maker nor the hex/square counter maker using megamek icons, nor the Alpha Strike Game Helper application to let you basically have Alpha Strike cards on your tablet/phone instead of needing to print them.

But I'm at least updating the site again, hopefully we see some new products soon.

Here is what I've done since that last update to the Battletech Encyclopedia site:
13 FEB 2014
 - Fixed fusilade, so the Sprite 1 works (though it kinda stinks compared to the 2 and 3)
 - Fixed Protomech Standard & Extended Jump Jets
 - Buildings & mobile structures come up and calculate kinda ok, they need a LOT of work, and in fact will need multiple Alpha Strike cards to show!
 - Fixed infantry W&E listing
 - A few more database updates
 - Added ability to search by Alpha Strike ability.  I use the canon MasterUnitList.Info data for this, as I generate it on the fly (once perfect, I'll cache it, till then we'll use MUL data).  This means there could be issues, often with units that *should* have an ability but don't as the MUL isn't complete.  Still, its as good as what they have, mostly.
 - Formatted output for both textual return types to include Alpha Strike data.  Again, this if from masterunitlist (as of 25 JAN 2014) and if the numbers are wrong they aren't mine.  I'll update this periodically, or if somebody lets me know the MUL was updated.

12 FEB 2014
 - Fixed Protomech display and armor rounding
 - Added text box by error report to put in a brief description of error.  Emails could go here and I'd reply to them with fixes.
 - Fixed infantry chassis so they show up with no errors

 - Updated production database & copied new files

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