Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good News + Historical - Wars of the Republic Era

Woot, finally, after nearly 3 months, some goodies!

First, the Field Report 2765 AFFS.  This is like the others, so if you liked the others get it.  You get 2 new warships (one is a Congress mod, so kind of a cheat, but the other cool) and all the usual goodies.  I love these books, and once all of them come out I'll be starting up a long dead project :)

Second, the Historical - Wars of the Republic Era.  I bought this thinking it was the age of war era, so kinda disappointed as the whole dark age simply hasn't captured me.  That may be my fault, I hardly read the books anymore :(  Anyway, its a pretty decent book it appears.  It felt a LOT like the Brush Wars historical, which is a good thing.  Lots of various little operations with their maps.  It has random unit tables, some personalities, a new mech and dropship, some deployment tables, and no new rules.  Pick it up to support the IP!

So I got these, read through them, entered the units into my database (not yet updated for ya'll, sorry), and then just a couple days later, we get the pre-order of the new boxed set!  If you buy 2 for $120 (Plus shipping) you get a 3rd set of miniatures!  Woot!  I bought 2, well, 4 boxed sets, and I have no idea why, as I had like 6 of the previous boxed sets.  I'll start giving away the miniatures at games I think.

I got Field Manual 3145 as well, which is a very hefty book and a must purchase IMO.  I won't review it, as its like every other Field Manual out there, but it does have some new equipment and rules for superheavies that make it a must-have.

And yet MORE good news.  Since everybody knew the Alpha Strike point system was completely useless, we now have a beta copy of some new rules with a well put together PDF for calculating point values!  They *seem* pretty decent up front, and I have started implementing them into my site.  Once I finish the implementation I'll remove all references to the old point values.  Even a buggy version of this system is better than a solid conversion of the old!

And it must be a great day, as there is even MORE good news.  This is actually TERRIFIC news, at least to me.  The "coming soon" page now has Interstellar Operations!  Now, this doesn't mean it'll be out soon, maybe not even this year (HBHK has been on there some time), but at least we have it in writing that it *IS* coming out.  I really can't wait for this product, and really hope it doesn't disappoint me.  This was the key rulebook I needed in order to move forward on my Succession Wars PC game.  

And the bad news, I haven't done much on the site since the last update.  Been working on a Rifts tabletop game, slammed with work, and going through many of my games deciding which simply aren't worth keeping anymore.  I hope to get back on track very soon.  Soon as I implement the new Alpha Strike Point Values I'll start updating the Alpha Strike Card Maker, which will have a LOT of new features.  If any of ya'll have a windows surface tablet you may *love* the new version!


  1. the new dark age book didn't provide much in the area of cartography :( oh well.

    1. Well all the Field Reports do. Once we get all the 2765 ones, we should be able to have a pretty good map of at least pre-1st SW Kurita space. Those maps are pretty nice. Granted we only have 3 of the books now and the Marik one out soon. Hopefully we'll see one for all the periphery nations too, which could be cool.

  2. There's already a full two-page map of 2765 from H:LoTv1 and 2822 from H:LoTv2. The 2765 map was identical to the 2750 map. I haven't checked if the 2822 map is identical to the sectional maps in the various handbooks because I only took data of systems that weren't visible on the handbooks. At least now we have a map that show what the whole IS looks like after the 1st Succession War. We're just missing the 2nd and the start of the 3rd. The full 3025 map is available from various publications so we also know what that era looks like even if Oystein never made a two-pager PDF like the others.