Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back in the Game

While I can't say I am now hitting the ground running, I am at least now hitting the ground and moving forward.

I have done quite a few changes since 1 Jan (the last before that was October) and pushed out the new code.  I still need to update the database with some unit bug fixes, and will try to do that tonight.

I have added many new megamek icons for the 3145 units, thanks to Deadborder!

The biggest updates are just reformatting of the page a bit, fixing the display for most units, adding a link to the masterunitlist.info Alpha Strike cards, and a "Report Error" button at the top of the page.  So if there is some unit you like, and its broken somehow, report the error and I'll get an email about the entry.  Of course you can also just email me or post on my forum. 

Here are the Battletech Engineer Encyclopedia updates since the first of the year (nobody is expected to know all my shorthand):

11 FEB 2014
 - Formatted the TRO text output a bit better
 - Fixed table outputting space vessel equipment list
 - Fixed output of source list
 - Updated a few megamek graphics so they would have transparent backgrounds
 - Fixed a shots per weapon calculation bug with larger craft
 - Fixed Alpha Strike fighter attack values (they were x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x/.... and now are properly SR/MR/LR/ER)
 - Fixed armor cost/weight calculations in final table on TRO page.  Just aesthetics really, but it was breaking BV/Cost calculations
 - Updated "Quick Strike" everywhere to "Alpha Strike"
 - Added column labels to equipment and weapons for a few units that didn't have them displayed
 - Added a direct link to the masterunitlist.info Alpha Strike card, which is displayed right beside my own generated card.  This can be done now that the canon MUL is generating PNGs.
 - Fixed showing manufacturers if I only had the manufacturer data with no proper labels
 - Fixed simple table output to remove the extra column
 - Fixed some data on various units
 - Fixed some issues with the Alpha Strike TAG/LTAG abilities (I didn't have LTAG, and all TAG wasn't being added)
 - Removed extra columns from W&E list on DS/WS/JS/SS
 - Cleaned up table display.  Made things a bit smaller, and got rid of most of the bold.
 - Fixed Battle Armor display and included calculation for BA items that are less weight than their mech/vehicle equivalents
 - Fixed Battle Armor armor point/weight calculation (it was rounding to nearest .5 ton, BA doesn't round)
 - Added error reporting button to top of details page
 - For BA/Small SV I changed weights from tons to kilograms

04 JAN 2014
 - Thanks to FlashHawk, I looked at the code again after a huge hiatus.  2013 was officially the worst year of my life, and I'll be 41 in 2 weeks, ugh.
 - Fixed ammo miscount calculation or both BF and BT values
 - Fixed BF hardened armor string
 - Fixed armor point/tonnage calculation that was throwing initial errors
 - Fixed table that shows various summaries at the bottom of the page
 - Fixed heat sink weight/cost calculation formula
 - Added chassis multiplier to final cost
 - Fixed ammo BV calculation
 - Fixed armor/structure/engine/gyro BV calculation
 - Fixed CASE/Ammo explosion BV modification
 - Fixed TC/BV support

I am not sure how many folks use the site, but *I* use it, and it helps me when I'm in a store and need to look up some unit, or anytime I don't have 20+ TROs/RS books with me.

Hmmm..... maybe I should put in all the rules (TW, TO, SO, TM, ATOW, and all the newer rules scattered about) into a database that'd let folks online search faster.  I could include the latest errata and stuff.... hmmmmm.... maybe.  It'd sure beat going through hundreds of pages of rules and hundreds of pages of errata trying to figure out some ruling on the tabletop.

More to come soon!


  1. Hey BS! Thanks for the flowers :)
    New additions look nice, like them. Would you consider an addition to the TRO list? I mean could you parse the Units of MWDA that can be found on warrenborn.com and find the units that you have stats for? As you know i mainly use the clickies for Alpha Strike and it would make things so much easier when we could just sort for a list of available units...
    Thanks in advance

    1. Its Chrome's PDF viewer. Download the files they look fine, open them in IE they look fine, its just that they use a Microsoft WingDings font for the circles, and Google hates Microsoft so they don't support the Microsoft Font (there could be some licensing issue).

      Download and save and they'll be fine.

    2. Well technically right now there *is* a TRO list. Just don't put in anything in the blanks, but select a TRO or any other book in the source book value. It'll show you everything from that book.

      As for the MWDA stuff, I do have that Record Sheet book in there, but never tried to match them to clickytech stuff. I'll keep it in mind though, but its kind of a low priority to me.

      However, if you just want some form of a search thing that can find all the clickytech miniatures that exist for battletech miniatures, I may be able to do that. It'd make sense for me to let you put in the #/type of all your miniatures and search based on that as well. I'll keep this in mind.

    3. Ok since i don't know if you got me completely here,and i don't get completely what you wrote :) I will send you an email were i can be a little more lengthy about it :D
      Have a nice one

      PS: i do not use Chrome. I use Firefox... Same problem?

  2. Forgot something.
    I still get these little Y that look like the Cacao-Trees from Vermeer (C64 edition) instead of circles or hexagrams in the Recordsheet. Is that my PC or in some way a known bug?