Sunday, April 9, 2017

Server is down, and that is good news?

Ok, wee bit of an update.  Nothing special as I'm still burned out on Battletech.  The whole "donate money to get my design app" completely bombed.  Folks will pay $50 to $100 for all the HeavyMetal products, but only *ONE* person gave me (and thus the SPCA) a whopping $10.  I'll be sending him the money back instead, as I already donate to the SPCA, purely on principal.  So, if you want a designer, you had your chance, so suck it :).

But, better news.  So I took my server down.  It needed updating, so I pulled it out of the datacenter.  Quite a few folks were apparently using it though, enough to motivate me to fix it.

Good news is I'm taking the code I never rolled out that had new features and stuff, and working on updating that.  The database has some more recent stuff, new megamek shaded icons, and should be faster once I hammer out some database queries.

I won't give an ETA, as I've put 40 *extra* hours into my job this last week (that is NOT good for me, no matter how much I make).  I will say I am working on it though, and will get it up and working.  

Aside from that my Battletech life is dead.  I still get some MWO miniatures painted up nicely, though they haven't seen a battle yet.  I've been getting closer to the idea of selling off all my unpainted BattleTech stuff.  If that was easy, it'd be sold already, but its a PITA so I keep blowing it off.  I am not real sure I'll keep the books either, I have every single one in PDF, and 6 linear feet of shelf space would be put to better use by games I'm more interested in.

In the past few months I've wrote a couple of traveller utilities (a ship designer and character creator), worked a lot on my military database, and played quite a few games, and contemplated running for office again (even my poop is better than most of Congress/Senate/Judicial/Executive morons).  Dawn of War III may postpone my life for a while as well, or who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the spring, I sure as hell am!


  1. I'd completely forgotten about your offer, or missed it. Otherwise, I would have chucked $100 your way easily. How much were you counting on receiving?

  2. Also, I had some ship designs for Traveller (even a wood model of one ship which I gave to Marc Miller) and a lot of corrections to 'Missiles in Traveller', but the increased complexity of MegaTraveller, plus the poorly-thought out construction rules, plus the dorks inhabiting the only forum around, kinda drove me away from the game. But that was years ago, many years ago. I liked the original game, but never got into the Trillion Credit squadron or the ship-to-ship battles. Our little ship with two turrets and designed to High Guard? Sure. I had a personal interest in that, as I was a role-playing member of her crew. But roaming around the Ashanti High Lightning was about as big as I wanted to get.

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  4. "The whole "donate money to get my design app" completely bombed."
    I have been searching for MONTHS for a program with your planned specifications and I've never been able to even find this website.

    All I want is to make a tripod based on the principle of laser insulation on long range lasers so as to present a challenge to my players in an infiltration mission, and later down the line as a Capellan answer to Republican might.


    So OBVIOUSLY the ONE TIME someone has the SAME IDEA FOR F****** HEXAGONAL DAMAGE, and the FUNCTIONALITY I NEED, IT'S ON THE WRONG END OF THE INTERNET! OF COURSE it is, OF COURSE there would be some time limit, and runs out of time RIGHT WHEN I WOULD HAVE FOUND IT.
    [mental breakdown continues in non-digital space]
    [mental breakdown becomes less infuriating, hours later]

    So, DoWIII? Why not get Ultimate Apocalypse for Soulstorm? It's easily the best mod for any game, ever (going off the metric of improvements to base game), and works with Tyranids, Demons, the Inquisition, and existing factions to make easily the most in-depth warhammer RTS imaginable. And they're going to add the rest of the Space Marine chapter specializations next update.

    It's huge man. ALL the titans, nukes, battlefleet bombings, Exterminatus, C/G-Pylons, ALL the Leman Russ variants, the Basilisk Magnus, totally unique faction playstyles, spore mine launchers, and it's all really well balanced.


  5. keep up the great work, me and my MWO team find your Site amazing, seeing it down had all of us worried, thanks for the work you do on it,

    looking forward to using it when its up, again thanks for all you do, if you find your self on MWO at all hit me up we can talk, or drop onto the STRANAMECHTY.INFO Team Speak, you can drop with friends or just hand out, and talk BT, and things,