Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Still chugging away!

Ok, first sorry I didn't reply earlier to the comments.  My job has been eating up a LOT of my time the last month, and for the next week or two.  That is very unusual for me, typically I'm 40 hours a week and no more.  This job will probably not last too long, but enough of that.

I *AM* still chugging away on the site update.  At first I was like "Oh, I'll put in a few hours and update the site" and now I'm like "OMG, wtf did I get myself into?!?!?".

Basically, I have an equipment table that has 3400 or so items that can be on units.  This table ended up completely different than the original. I had to change the vast majority of it, 131 columns * 3400 rows.  Ugh.

On top of that, I've had to rewrite HUGE chunks of code.  Whatever idiot wrote this crap should be shot.  However, I am making progress.  As of now, I know an AS7-D Atlas, WHM-6R warhammer, Manticore, and Behemoth tank work, have the correct weight/cost.  I can get a McKenna up, and a Stuka.  Hopefully I have gone through the last of my major bugs that require me repopulate my entire database as those updates take a lot of time.

I also have some wonky issue with my PC where when I access a network drive, where my 10TB+ of stuff is, I have to wait a full minute to rename a file, copy a file, etc.  Its horribly frustrating.  I have copied all the code locally and since resolved it, but there were a lot of lockups that ate through time.

I also ended up having to go back through my megamek assets and clean them up.  Now there is a new megamek I probably need to integrate as well.  That was a huge pain, but luckily the new mech shading works fine with my existing camo code.

Once I get the majority of mechs, combat vehicles, aerospace fighters, dropships, jumpships, warships, and small craft working I'll do a quick release. After that I'll work on battle armor, infantry, and support vehicles.  Lastly will come buildings, mobile structures, and bases.  RPG characters is another project for a later time, if ever.

When I finish that first part, I may get distracted with my real time battletech project (where 10 seconds in real time = 10 seconds game time).  This is really ambitious but I have figured out ways to map 3000 worlds, with persistent damage, with hundreds of thousands of players (I'm trying for 200 on screen at a time, with a max zoom of 2km per screen that is a LOT of units).  We'll see though.

But, thanks for the support for the few of you still hanging around.  I do have a facebook group called "Battletech Design Works" if you want to join.  Sometimes it gets more updates, sometimes less, than this blog.

I also think I figured out a way past the hardest aspect of a unit designer, the part that slow me down on my last attempt.... not sure what'll come of that.

Have a great spring!


  1. Hi, GurlPower here, and i'd really like to look at your blog. However, everything that isn't under the Home or Battleforce/Quickstrike Modification tab goes nowhere. Just a bunch of 404 errors. which is an absolute shame because I looked through your earlier posts and they looked pretty neat. I wish i found this site earlier when it was working. Anyhoo, i'll check back in a few days to see if i can see any of the cool things you made over the years. toodles.

    1. Thanks for visiting!

      I fixed all the links up top. Basically anything that USED to go to "bte.battletechengineer.com" now goes to "goodsects.ddns.net". I lost my static IP when I pulled my old server out of a datacenter and so now it is running from my house.

      I have Interstellar Operations sitting on my desk so I'm hoping to work on some of these battletech things again soon.

  2. Hi! I am looking for your PDF with the Alpha Strike cards with color images. The link for http://goodsects.gotdns.com/bte/alphastrikecolor.pdf doesn't work anymore. Can you please re-upload it? Thanks!!!

    1. Try http://goodsects.ddns.net/bte_old/bte/alphastrikecolor.pdf instead.

      Wow, those did look great. I could probably have cleared up the white border around the mech pictures, but oh well.

    2. There is just one thing I wonder about: The PV values don't correspond with the newer AS cards (see http://www.masterunitlist.info/Unit/Card/178?skill=4). The official Awesome has a PV of 41, while your card shows 18. Has the calculation method changed between then and now?

    3. Not so much my formulas, in those particular cases the values were pulled straight from the Alpha Strike book I believe, and that was before the updates from the companion that changed the values.

      I have a big box of cards I bought at GenCon in 2013 I believe, and though they look great, they are all incorrect point values as well :(

      I'll try to implement the color cards as an option on the website at some point, with proper PV's.

  3. Thank you, they are great! :-)

  4. How do I create warships? I downloaded the latest 1.21 and no option for the card to display wasrhips. Thanks for a reply.