Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little present for you

I was screwing around, validating my code, and ended up with a single PDF with all the mechs from TRO3039 (and I think all their variants as well).  Anyway, since I've been so slow with updates recently, I created a single big, indexed, 237 record sheet PDF for you to download.

Get it here (21mb link)

This will be my "new" method of record sheets to replace the PNGs.  It is completely redone and doesn't reuse much of the old code.  Peruse it, see if you see any issues, and LET ME KNOW.  Any bugs that popup I'll jump on asap.

If I get some decent feedback, I'll create a vehicle only TRO from another product in a few days ;)

Also, any feedback, positive or negative, on the recordsheets themselves is appreciated.  I did a few things slightly differently than CGL.  There are some other features ya'll don't see currently, like armored components, hardened armor, faction availability, tech ratings, etc, but these are nearly complete.

And of course I could just have some typos in there :)

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