Monday, August 6, 2012

Heavy Gear!

SWEET!!!  Somebody finally picked up the excellent heavy gear computer game license:

For those of you who never played Heavy Gear 2, you really missed out.  It was, in my opinion, FAR better than any Mechwarrior game.  It had strategy, tactics, sensors, and all sorts of cool stuff.  Multiplayer was a blast too, wish it still ran on my machine :(  There is a linux version, but linux, meh, whats the point?

I sure hope they do it right, don't go free to play, and make it easy to mod.  I'm 90% sure MWO will flop, and 80% sure MWT will, so this may be a savior of the mecha genre.

If you don't know what Heavy Gear is, I think of it as the anime version of Battletech.  Units can die in 1 shot, better pilots live longer and kill faster, tanks rule, but since Blitz came out I've lost a lot of interest as they are making it more like 40K.  Oh, the minis are good too, but pricey.


  1. I was thinking about HGB instead of CBT for tabletop gaming - what turned me off (and this is silly) but the models look like a beeyotch to build.

    And they're expensive.

    1. They have their 2 free rulebooks on their site right now (Blitz and Field Manual), and the gear miniatures are about $9 each, which isn't horrible. They are a bit smaller than BT miniatures typically, but IMO look far better and are usually more versatile. I have about 30 or so gears, 3 striders, and maybe a dozen total tanks, none were hard to put together (especially not compared to BT) but I don't have any of the new big models they have been coming out with recently. If you haven't ever played it you should give it a try. You can get the VASSAL module and print those units to little counters to play a game. Heck, you could just convert your BT miniatures to HG quite easily, keeping ranges/damages the same, though smaller weapons would be hard pressed to hurt heavier armor.

      IMO, the heavy gear (well silouhette) rules system is *PERFECT* for Robotech/Macross, and pretty darned good for Rifts, both excellent universes without a decent miniature game.

      They have a lot of stuff too, I have about 3 linear feet of Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicals (Gundam version), Gear Krieg (WW2 gears and tanks), and Lightning Strike (jovian chronicals, but in a battleforce like scale) books.