Thursday, August 1, 2013

Battletech Alpha Strike Card Generator, With Alpha Strike Cards!

Well sorry, I meant to release my EXE to make cards last night, but with the beautiful new color image 'ph423r' made I added support for gorgeous color cards!  So, if you want to make a card, or a thousand of them, quick and easily, just download this EXE and run it.  When you create a card it copies it to the clipboard automatically.  When you batch create it just saves them the same place the EXE is located.  PV/Skill *must* be integers or things will break, that is because you put in the actual PV, and based on the skill is what gets rendered as the points in the top right.

Here is a screenshot of the EXE, it comes with a text file you can copy/paste into it, or excel, to create thousands of cards all at once!  

And since I had a complaint of somebody not being able to download, plus what I'm throwing out there today is 180mb, I figured I'd use instead of my horrible time warner internet connection at home.

What is 180mb you ask?

Well, there is a 170mb file, containing 10 pages of color Alpha Strike cards from the Alpha Strike book. There are 8 per page, and look like this:

And there is a 10mb file, which is the exact same units, but these are in black and white and much more similar to the templates in the back of the Alpha Strike book:

While doing this, I discovered these cards simply won't work, as there isn't enough space for movement (try to fit 16"/12" in that area), not enough armor slot (only 18 circles?  not enough for a 200 ton superheavy with modular armor), no support for the "extreme range band" optional rule, no place for the ID without having to flip the card, not enough room for the various types of critical hits (counters for this could be acceptable I think, but I haven't seen any... if anybody says they'd like I'll whip some up), and I don't think enough space in the special area but I'm not 100% sure on that, just my gut.

Now, the bad news.  The beautiful new cards are pretty sure, but 99% of my artwork doesn't have a great transparent background, and if you just add the standard white TRO imagery, it'll be a big square on the card, and kill the beauty ph423r came to the rescue about this as I was updating the blog, and we may have a fix.  Though I made these cards, I think these are better for CGL to produce since they have the great little miniatures to drop in there, and I don't (and it does look like they'll be making them, HOPEFULLY not just PDF but hard laminated cards).  I think most of you would prefer black and white anyway, to save toner and stuff.  I made all these, but if you have *any* thoughts about them, positive or negative, or suggestions, let me know, I can update them quite easily.

So, the download links:, both files, EXPIRES August 7th Color Black and White
My Server, (windows/.net 2.0 required) - 3mb
My Server, Color File
My Server, B&W file

Let me know whatcha think, and if you use them!

EDIT:  Sure enough, they are going to have an "Ad Hoc" boxed card set, with 90 cards (80 regular mechs, 10 character mechs) at GenCon.  Laminated and full cards, even though I can make Alpha Strike cards all day long, I'll still purchase at least 1, if not 4-5 (so I can have a full lance of everything, as I always try to deploy identical units) of the boxed sets.  Anyway, you can see more here.

I hope they sell well enough to someday see a "Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha Regiment Boxed Set" and so forth, with 130 or so cards each.  It'd be cool, VERY unlikely, but uber cool to have something like that.  Each mech could have names, all be very unique.... good stuff.  I can easily print out a PDF with all of the Wolf's Dragoons stuff actually, I have all the data.... hmmmm.... anybody else wanna see that?  (and Eridani Light Horse, and Clan Jade Falcon/Wolf in 3052 or so)


  1. Seeing those colour cards is giving me Heavy Gear Blitz flashbacks.

  2. I just ordered an 81 card set, with the cover of alpha strike on the back, and the colored cards on the front, for $17 with shipping. Hopefully they don't get cut off too much. These are the cheapest playing cards, but I could have paid $25 for plastic cards.

    If these turn out good, I may see about getting *every* card printed once they update the conversion data for Strategic Operations. I have updated my code with what some folks have said on the forums, and I'm pretty darned close now. Still gotta update the site though.

    Speaking of Errata though, how fucked up is it that the released Alpha Strike without necessary errata for Strategic Operations to convert the 6000 designs in the universe? And no, the is *not* usable either. Freaking a-hole move if you ask me.

    1. Oh, and wtf, 20+ comments on the last 2 days, then I release my app and the cards and just Firedrake chimes in, where did everybody go? :)

      The forum is installed, my server up and running, still making some tweaks and want to move my DNS over to it (still thinking of a new domain name) before I launch it.

  3. I check site once a week when kids allow (a 1 & 2 yr old doesn't allow much surfing the web time) just noticed this app, awesome, but any chance you could tie into the BTE database and auto download data? I'm thinking of starting a big project and this would be the ultimate if it worked allot like your old app with batch printing, I plan on making cards for all my dark age minis and have allot (40+ minis per faction) so Looking forward to more, always love your work, even if I don't chime in I'm a huge fanboy :-p

  4. download link for the creator is down

    1. Sorry, my dynamic DNS provider changed. Any '' URLs have to be changed to '' instead. So, the new link is:

      I should have a new version due out soon, *hopefully* finished by GenCon as I'll be going.