Sunday, August 25, 2013

Forum Up!

Ok, I think its ready enough.  Probably be a few learning curves, mostly in regards to security and organization, but the forum is up and running (well, it seems to be, let me know if you can't get it working).

I'm thinking of giving away miniatures to help get people to start posting there.  Not sure how I'll do it yet, maybe each post (or thread popularity) is basically a lottery ticket, and each week I'll randomly determine a winner who receives a miniature, or a lance.  At least until I either get some steady activity, or, well, don't have enough posts to justify the work :)

At 100 posts, I'll start the miniature and book giveaway.

Feedback is appreciated!

I'd like to thank my buddy (who's name will stay anonymous) for hooking me up with the server and hosting on his network.

I look forward to seeing you there.  Once it starts getting used more, activity on the blog will die off.  The forum will be where I launch my new utilities (including the 4X type Succession Wars game!) and products for BattleTech, as well as my own similar game system, and maybe some other games.


  1. Any chance of enabling an RSS feed (e.g. for new threads)?

    1. They are enabled, though I think its an ATOM feed... I haven't used RSS in a while, and don't know the difference. You can view feeds for various forums by just replacing the whole "viewtopic" in the URL to "feed", so take:

      and replace with

      and there you go.

    2. Great, thanks.