Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Woot, I got it up!

Just a bit of an update, since I've been stalled lately.  I apologize for not being done with everything.

New Server/Forum News:
  • The new server is up and running.  I have a few more tweaks I want to make, as well as moving it to my buddies data center for temperature control, but I've gotten phpBB setup and a domain purchased.
  • I have a 1gbps connection on the new server, but only a 100mbps network card, oh well:
  • I could really use a phpBB experienced moderator (even if only a little), mostly for maintenance sorta stuff, not monitoring users so much.  Shoot me an email if your interested, I'll let you use my server for your own site.
  • It should be up within a few days, though I'm kinda busy this week at work (15% raise tho, woot!) so it could get delayed again.  Stay tuned!
  • I curious if I'll get many users, as there are other BT forums without much activity, and to setup something unused is kind of pointless.
Battletech Engineer News:
  • I broke it.  Yeah, completely, 100% broke.  I rewrote over 7000 lines of code this last week to better enable support for all the unit types.  I'm not done yet, still have the time consuming but easy part left (logging) and then onto debugging, but the hard part is done.
  • I rewrote the Alpha Strike conversion stuff too.  Based on some testing I'll be sticking with the "best damage per range band based on heat efficiency" method
  • I'll try to get many of the features I initially planned implemented.  One of the biggest would be a way to track your units online (with the ability to share it with your opponents).
  • Site should be back up in a few days, to a few weeks.
  • Thank MechAdmin over at http://mech.thompfam.net for me getting back into Battletech.  
I had some comments in here about some Alpha Strike conversions being incorrect on the forums.  But it turns out most of them were just me "missing" things and they weren't incorrect.  So the designs over there are valid, though a couple do need some errata in their appropriate TRO/RS files.

And my silly soapbox bellowing:
But you know what, that makes me really wonder why the hell I support a company, that essentially said "fuck you" to somebody who spends on average, $80 a month at battlecorps (and yes, I can back that number with documentation).

So, a question or two.  Can anybody give me a reason why I continue to support Catalyst Game Labs, when they obvious couldn't care less about me, a paying customer?  Can anybody give me a reason I don't return the "get lost" attitude they gave me, and zip my 411 book/11GB battletech book folder and throw up a constantly updated torrent?

I've done everything I can do to help the product.  I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've volunteered time, QA ability, and my programming skills, (which go for well over $100/hr in "the market"), not to mention thousands of dollars in products, and tens of thousands in miniatures (granted, they don't get any of that), and nobody seems to care.  I've essentially even groveled back and apologized, and nothing.  I stepped forward 2 feet, and didn't get 2" in return.

So why do I care, and should I continue to?


  1. From a devil's advocate position (since I'm pretty sure I would have similar feelings if I were in your position) I would say you should care and stay with Battletech because of a love of the universe itself and a want/need to see it continue even if you don't care for how the current primary IP holders run their business.

    Also if you've looked over the new Clans TRO I'm curious about your opinion on the Quad Vee's and if they'll be useful outside of some specific situations.

    1. I can't for the life of me understand why the Quad-Vee's were created, well, at least not with tracks. Hover allows mechs to move over water, but wheeled/tracked is worthless. In those modes they aren't any faster, have limited terrain ability, and since a normal quad can hunker down behind level 1 hills I can't see a single advantage of having them.

      I would never, ever, ever, ever, use one, they are silly. LAMs sure, superheavy mechs sure, superheavy protos sure, quad/biped mechs sure, but the tracks gain *nothing* that I can see.

      I think giving them +1 movement or something in tracked mode would have made more sense, but still not really made them useful in any way I can see.

      The art isn't bad though, they look decent.

  2. Because you love battletech....