Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Most ____ Mech Ever!

So I was playing around when I should have been coding, and came up with some interesting designs.

First, the most complicated mech you can ever see within Alpha Strike, the AS-01 Alpha Strike!  It isn't a good design, but it essentially tries to get the most capabilities in Alpha Strike as it can.  Here is the lowdown:
100 Ton Clan (Mixed) OmniMech
Endo-Steel Chassis
200 Compact Fusion Engine
1 Jump Jet
Compact Gyro
Small Cockpit
17 Tons Standard Armor
26 Compact Heat Sinks (16 internal to engine, other 10 use 5 slots)
Laser Anti-Missile System (Armored)
BattleMech HarJel (1 slot)
Small Shield
Triple-Strength Myomers
Retractable Blade
Remote Sensor Dispenser
CASE (since its an Omni)
HAG20 w/12 Shots
Twin LAC5 w/20 Shots total
Twin SRM4 w/25 Shots total
Twin LRT10 w/24 Shots total, mounted in a turret in the right shoulder
Carries a 10 ton hand-held weapon (LRM20 w/12 shots, Narc with 6 shots)
I don't know the BV/Cost, it wasn't very pertinent to what I was attempting.  I am *pretty* sure its a legal design, but may have screwed something up.  Its darned close surely.

And now its insane Alpha Strike card, check out that ability count!:

And the next mech, a whopping 200 tonner, with 75 tons of hardened armor.  I created this one to test just how durable a design could be.  I envision it very slowly heading towards a very heavily defended position.  It has a turret in each torso that hold twin ERPPCs, and 3 micro-pulse lasers scattered about for anti-infantry work.  Its also got Angel ECM, AEP, and TAG, plus a whopping 40 double heat sinks.  Here is its card:

This next one is stupid and munchy, but I wanted to see just how hard a unit would be to hit.  This 15 ton mech has a speed of 18/27 with 1 jump.  It has ZERO points of armor, an XXL engine, Endo-Steel Structure, and an XL Gyro.  It also has Null-Signature System and Chameleon Light Polarization shield.  Its weaponry consists of a single gun... you know it, the Clan ER Large Laser!  In BattleTech this would be +2 to hit at medium range, and +4 at long, as the NSS/LPS are cumulative.  However that doesn't appear to be the case in Alpha Strike, so it kinda gets screwed.  But anyway, based on the movement it is +5 to hit, another +1 for being jump capable, so for SR/MR/LR to hit it is a +5/+6/+7.  Its one structure means if it gets hit it does, but it can harass a slower force from a distance with near impunity.

And lastly for tonight, a uber-munchy Manei-Domini Platoon.  This sucker eats mechs for breakfast.  The platoon of 30 soldiers has a whopping 1563 BV, speed of 3, range 2 AEP, acts as a C3I node, takes -1d6 burst fire damage, doesn't take double damage in the open, and half damage from flame based attacks.  It also has FIVE field guns (AC/2).  In a point blank attack it could do up to 66 damage, or 7 in Alpha Strike.  Unfortunately Alpha Strike doesn't support that, so its damage is only 5, but I gave it MEL to compensate. Actually Strategic Operations and Alpha Strike showed some questions with this unit.  For example what do you do with enhanced point blank attacks?  What about all the special abilities various prosthetics can give, and how do you deal with field guns and can they use special ammo? However you look at it though, it is simply a brutal platoon, see for yourself (notice its skill is 2, not 4)!  Disclaimer:  This design doesn't include any errata from anywhere.

I'll tinker with more later, but I really need to get coding to finish up the automated way of doing it.  Nobody has complained about the BTE site being down yet, but hopefully lots of people miss it.

I've been dragging ass lately for a couple reasons.  Thoughts of my dad and cat keep me from being as productive as usual.  I'm going to see some folks play BattleTech tomorrow, hopefully I end up joining in and like them and it can break me out of my rut.  If not I may try somewhere else.

Not many posts on my forum, well, 1 in fact.  A dozen registered users.  Kinda was hoping for more activity.  I'll start doing releases there to make people get involved and hope for the best :)

Plus, soon, I'll give away *companies* of miniatures to folks that post the most *good* messages ;)


  1. Those are great. I'll have to print these cards out.

  2. One thing might help on space.. SOA, SEAL, ES, SRCH are no longer part of the cards for alpha strike.. but great designs though..

    1. I was aware of that (even though I don't know where it is printed), but kinda liked having everything in there. Besides, my point was to see just how "complex" a card could get more than to produce any "useful" designs.

  3. Yeah, that one is very complex.. it was on the forum.. there was talk about the stream lining of stuff..

    1. I didn't see it on the forum anywhere :( In fact, I haven't seen anybody post any link, or any mention of me, in a *really* long time. I figured they got deleted or something.

      I'm not saying things need streamlined though. Well, kinda. I think each card should have a "DV" or defensive value, that could merge various things like MAS, STL, and the movement+jump modifiers into 1 number so folks didn't have a lookup. I do think that alternate ammo was a completely mistake. It never should have been in Alpha Strike at all, as it not only adds unnecessary complication, but now you have to track/calculate SRM/LRM/AC values for everything. The game would be far simpler without those values.

      We'll see.

    2. yeah, was thinking the same thing.. because there was talk about MAS being over powering.. something like a 10 standing still in the woods to hit with a skill of 3. guess arty would solve that problem quickly..

  4. Eric,

    Could you update your Alpha strike cards and get them ready for play? I am planning to game locally and I want to dip my toe in the AS rules by playing a game with some experienced guys. Maybe even teach it at some point. And I would like you as a source for the stuff, not have to rely exclusively on the company product.

    Wish you could come out here (Seattle-Tacoma area). Gaming with you would be great.


    1. Working on it, between working with (which was very productive, as he found most of the mech typos in my database), my cat dying, and just an apparent extreme avoidance of dealing with "chassis" my progress slowed to a halt on getting my BTE site back up.

      However, I got all the chassis imported (167 parameters for each!) over the weekend so I no longer have this huge hold-up in my head. Now I can get back to going through fixing little things here and there, and updating my logging and error reporting code. Being optimistic, I hope to have it back up by the end of the weekend.

      My Mom used to have a house on Whidbey Island, and I went to a 30 day leadership school in Fort Lewis. If I was to move from Texas, Washington/Oregon would be my choice. However, I lose various VA benefits by moving, plus its not easy to find a 2500sf house up there for under $200K. Still though, maybe in a few years :)

      I did finally game this weekend here in Dallas, so it looks like I'll be playing BattleTech again. I kinda feel bad tho, its a campaign and I knocked the head off one of the pilots there with 15 battles under his belt on my first day :(