Sunday, January 9, 2011

BattleTech Engineer - Infantry - Update

Lots of fixes today, lots of bugs I found, more I created, and then more I fixed.  Here is all I did:

  • Moved the calculation stuff to its own form
  • Update the range 0 to hit, some numbers were off (burst fire weapons, beast damage, etc)
  • Added support for the logo on the form and centered it
  • Added support for unit images on the form and centered it
  • Changed the way weapons are shown, hopefuly it helps
  • Changed "None" to " None" and sorted all boxes
  • Updated all the entries, added all the graphics
  • Added Mechanized SCUBA stats, though its not official it seems to match up
  • Fixed the typo on the form label
  • Went through TRO3085/Supplemental and copied the infantry pics
  • Updated the way platoon text stuff was being displayed
  • Made all forms open center screen
  • Made it so when you print split platoons, it showed them correctly
  • Update the damage display so it goes most to least, and ensured it had all the damage types
  • Fixed the way beast bonus damage was shown
  • Fixed all damage types, mostly range 0 stuff, so it includes *all* damage possible
  • Added support for an error.log, feel free to send it to me if it has stuff in it

Update posted, download here or run the update feature

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