Friday, January 7, 2011

CBT Cartographer

Here is a previous thread on another application I created, the CBT Cartographer: Forum and here is a link to the file.  Here are some excerpts on how to use it:

EDIT:  The forum link apparently doesn't work anymore, the crazy mods on the forums probably deleted or moved it or something.

  • E/Shift-E moves between eras
  • + or numpad + = zoom in
  • - or numpad - = zoom out
  • Up/Down/Right/Left or Num8/Num2/Num4/Num7 = Pan
  • Backspace = Center
  • Escape = Exit (I think)
  • CTRL-P = Find jump path (spell planet names correctly!)
  • P or U?= Show/Hide current jump path
  • C = Show/hide comstar logo overlay
  • J = Show/hide jump radius
  • CTRL-F = Find system
  • N/P = cycles through all systems that matched from CTRL-F
  • Right click (sometimes you have to do it twice) takes you to a entry for that planet (if it exists) and escape closes that window
  • If you left click on a planet it'll center it, and if you don't move the mouse at ALL it'll just show you other systems within 9pc) - its flakey

Haven't worked on this in a while, it was initially just a test for some ways to do a succession wars type 4X game, project just grew a bit :) 


  1. Just found this blog. As I'm about to prepare a campaign fpr my fellow gamers I was excited to find a calculator at last but the planets aren't complete. Has somebody completed it?

  2. There are more updated lists you can use on the forums at,9578.0.html.

    However, until Handbook House Kurita comes out we simply don't have a complete map in all the eras, and only some eras are totally complete.